How do I make a beige trench coat not boring?


Illustration credit: Lisa Glanz / Using her Personalised Portrait Creator (which is brilliant). Question: I have a new beige Burberry trench that I’m not sure I can wear. Every time I put it on, I feel like I’m on the West Wing and not in a cute way. I’ve always wanted this piece, but […] Read more…

Surprise, it’s cold now! 3 quick steps to get your sweaters ready for fall at the last minute


Oh fall what a finicky season. Here in New York, last week it was in the high 70s and sunny, this morning I work up to a dark and rainy sky, and the desire to stay in bed all morning. (Huzzah for the laptop!) And while I love the parts of fall where a light […] Read more…

The world’s oldest tee shirt hack (no scissors or sewing needed). Part 2.

Trying new things - knotted tee look two. ||

The other day, I wrote about my first go at playing around with knotting a tee shirt (probably the world’s oldest tee shirt hack). I went with the classic knot at the side, and found that this style had moved from very firmly from “not my thing,” to “maybe my thing on certain days.” If […] Read more…

The world’s oldest tee shirt hack (no scissors needed). Part 1.

Trying new things - knotted tee look one. ||

I’ve been following Un-Fancy for years now. I love her casual style, her willingness to style/photograph/wear items multiple times, and her openness to experimenting with what constitutes a capsule wardrobe. But when I first saw her post about styling a knotted tee (which is possibly the oldest tee shirt hack in the world) in my […] Read more…

The shockingly high cost of cheap clothing, a review of Elizabeth L. Cline’s Overdressed


A couple months ago I moved apartments, and if you’ve ever packed up all your belonging, moved them from one building to another, and then unpacked them all again, you know that everything looks and feels just a little bit different in the new place. It was during this move that I decided to reread […] Read more…