Ready to for a closet refresh?

Maybe you’ve gone through another life change – another promotion, another job, a marriage, a baby, etc. Or maybe we just finished up your first session and you want help keeping the momentum going. Regardless, I’m honored you’re here.

We’ll tailor this to you (possibly, literally).

The way a closet refresh session will work is simple, we’ll work together to figure out the most strategic way to go about your closet refresh, and then we’ll make it happen.

Some of ways we could go about your Closet Refresh are…

• styling or decluttering your closet – whichever we didn’t focus on in your first closet fix, we’ll focus on in your closet refresh. This is great if you have a larger closet, so we focused almost entirely on one or the other in our first session, and you want help to keep the momentum going.

• fixing, altering, and tailoring – we’ll spend our time in your closet fixing up the pieces we identified as needing fixes, or alterations, or tailoring. This is great if we found a lot of your clothes to be almost perfect, but just not quite right. I’ll bring my supplies, we’ll fit everything to your body, fix the little things then and there, and send the larger projects to the tailors. We can also combine this continuing to style or declutter your closet.

• shopping – we’ll meet up and spend our time finding those thoughtful additions you can add to your wardrobe to bring it to the next level. This is great if you aren’t quite sure what to get, and want a trusted set of eyes to help you stay focused.

• trip packing – got a long trip or complicated trip coming up?

Ready to refresh your closet?

We can get started refreshing your closet right away. Just schedule a quick hopes & dreams call, this will be very similar to our original hopes & dreams call. We’ll talk about your hopes and dreams for your closet refresh.

At the end of our phone call, well have a plan for getting your wardrobe all fresh & sparkly again, and I’ll give you all the details about how we’ll move forward.

Schedule your hopes & dreams call

A closet refresh is the perfect way to reinvigorate your closet, and be ready to face whatever new things life throws your way with grace and confidence.

Fall back in love with your style

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Personal style impacts every part of your life. When you feel confident and at home in your body and your clothing, you’ll bring that confidence into all the aspects of your life.

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