Summer 10x10 Jeans+PowerTee4

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Summer 10x10 Jeans+PowerTee2

It’s Day 4 of the Summer 2017 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge, and the first day of repeats!

Both this tee shirt and these jeans are making their second appearance in this challenge. Last time I wore this tee it was over a summery maxi dress, and the last time I wore these jeans they were paired with a made-by-me button up shirt.

When I built this 10 piece wardrobe, I wanted to use this mini-capsule wardrobe to experiment with tee-shirts and sunglasses. With that in mind I included 4 shirts, 1 skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 2 dresses, and 2 pairs of shoes (and if I’m being honest with myself, one of those dresses is a “just in case I need something other than tee shirts” dress.)

I’ve never been a huge wearer of tee shirts (at least, not since I started buying my own clothing).

Most of the time I find that tee shirts just don’t quite fit correctly. I often find that they are a little too short, or the neckline is a little too high, or the sleeves are just a smidge too tight. More often than not I find myself cutting off the cuffs, or collars, or hems, cutting a whole new neck, remaking a whole new shirt, or some other combination of alterations.

But I have to say, when I find a tee that works, there’s nothing quite like the clean silhouette of a tee shirt that hasn’t met a pair of scissors. Especially, when the tee is matched by a pair of jeans, some sneakers, sunglasses, and a lip to pull the look together.

It’s a look that’s not actually a look, an outfit that’s not actually an outfit, and has a feeling of effortless because it actually took zero effort – the perfect non-outfit outfit for a random muggy Thursday in July.

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What I’m wearing…

Shirt: The Babe with the Power Tee in black from Hello, Oui Fresh
Jeans: Straight skinny jeans from Uniqlo (currently out of stock)
Sunglasses: From Ricky’s (unfortunately, they don’t appear to have sunnies online)
Shoes: Nike Flex 2016 RN Women’s Running Shoe from Nike
Bracelets: Made-by-me
Rings: Various
Lip: Always On Liquid Lipstick from Smashbox, in the colorway Bawse