WhoWearsWho Fall 10x10 Wrap Up

The Fall 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge has concluded! It felt like the whole thing went by super quickly, and I had a great time.

I had 10 pieces in my mini-capsule wardrobe: 2 pairs of boots, 1 pair of jeans, 1 skirt, 1 black camisole, 2 tee-shirt, 1 sheer over-shirt, 1 button up shirt, 1 dress.

What worked?

On the whole, I thought this mini-capsule wardrobe was pretty well balanced. I included some newer pieces, and some older pieces, some super comfortable pieces, and some more experimental pieces.

When I was planning this challenge wardrobe, I wanted to experiment and play around with some of the newer pieces I’ve added to my wardrobe recently. So I included the newer pieces and sandwiched them between some of my favorite older-go to pieces, which worked really well.

What didn’t work?

Including two pairs of boots probably wasn’t the smartest idea because one pair was not fully broken in yet, and the other was heels. This didn’t not work, but looking back on the challenge as a whole I wish I had added a pair of sneakers or ballet flats.

Did the capsule work for the weather?

The weather for my second week was a fair bit colder than I had anticipated. It was 60s/70s but leaned towards cold-60s/70s not warm-60s/70s. So there were a couple days in a row wear I basically alternated between my orange-plaid button up shirt, and my red-flannel-plaid dress because those were the two “warmer” pieces in my mini-capsule.

Did I wear anything that wasn’t included in the 10 pieces?

I did grab a second black camisole (exactly the same style as the first) a couple days into the challenge.

How did laundry work out?

I spot cleaned, and hand washed as necessary, and also added a second black camisole.

Which outfit was your favorite?

The red-plaid dress, with the black camisole, black mini-skirt, and heeled docs from Day 10 is probably my favorite look of the challenge.

On the other hand, the same dress with a black shirt and black jeans (like Days 5 and 7) is probably the way I wear this dress most often.

Which outfit was the most outside your comfort zone?

Day 3 the orange-plaid button up tied at the waist to make it cropped and the black mini-skirt and Day 9 the black shirt with black skirt, boots and the orange-plaid button up tied around the waist were probably the looks that were the furthest from my comfort zone. Other than these two looks everything else is pretty standard in my day-to-day wardrobe.

What to keep in mind for next time?

Basically very similar things to what I wanted to keep in mind at the end of the Summer 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge.

  1. Do it again next time! It’s super fun, and a fantastic low-key wardrobe challenge.
  2. Pay attention to your shoes. 3 pairs of shoes for two weeks may seem excessive, but then again it might be perfect.

And there we are! I hope you enjoyed this fall 10×10 wardrobe challenge.

Catch up on the whole challenge here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, and Day 10.

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