Halloween costume or everyday goth? || WhoWearsWho.com

Halloween costume or everyday goth? || WhoWearsWho.com

Halloween costume or everyday goth? || WhoWearsWho.com

Is this a low-key Halloween look, or an everyday gothic look?

Considering I bought absolutely nothing specifically for this photo shoot I’m not sure which this look falls into.

I have a complicated relationship with Halloween (only made more complicated by having a degree in costume design).

I love the idea of a day when everyone gets to dress up in whatever costume they want. But I don’t like the pressure of feeling like I have to dress up. I also don’t love the concept of buying a costume that you only wear once. Or buying a cheaply made costume (I’d prefer seeing even more creativity on this holiday and far less crap). And I especially don’t love people spontaneously ringing my doorbell. But I do love the excuse to buy candy. And I love seeing the creative costumes that people come up with.

So, I wasn’t planning on photographing or writing or posting anything today, because I’m not actually dressing up for Halloween. But then I realized I could do a super low-key Halloween look with things I already own. Because I do have a rather large number of could-be-Halloween-season-related-things in my apartment. (But they stay out all year round which I think is what pushes them away from Halloween to goth).

I talk a little more about making costumes (and other one-off event outfits) from clothes you already own in Personal Style Fundamentals which you can sign up for here.

What I’m wearing…

Head piece: Black and Red Queen Crown from Spirit Halloween
Blazer: Basic black blazer from Zara’s Basics line
Shirt: Organic Cotton Jersey Camisole from Muji
Skirt: Made by me. Basic black maxi skirt with side slit (more information here)
Socks: Originally from SockDreams (very similar here)
Shoes: Salome Buttero by Dr. Martens’
Necklaces: One short pearl necklace. One long black beaded necklace. One long metal circles necklace. All old/not online
Rings: Various
Lip: Color Sensational Lipstick from Maybelline, in the colorway Red Revival (#645)

What’s on the table…

Yoga Skeleton
Ground Bones Jar
Skeleton Hand Mirror
Deer/Rabbit Skeleton
Wine Glass (turned ring holder)
Voluspa Candles
Witch Baby Body Butter
Jack Skellington mug (very, very, very old)

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