GrannySquare Cardigan + BabeTee + Jeans + Docs 1

GrannySquare Cardigan + BabeTee + Jeans + Docs 3

This sweater is sort of the perfect oversized cocoon cardigan. It has that oversized cocoon-like silhouette with open-work fabric, and a grey & white striped colorway. The fabric itself is a crochet mesh with stripes of a medium-grey mixed into a white main color/background color.

I’ve had this sweater in my wardrobe for almost two years at this point, but for about half that time it’s been packed away in storage with the rest of the majority of my wardrobe (but that’s a different story, which also involved living out of a suitcase for months longer than I had planned). So when I unpacked this sweater after my last move, it was sort of a re-discovery.

But the thing that really struck me when I pulled it out of the wardrobe box was the silhouette of it. This sweater is basically a square folded in half and sewn up to create two armholes. Then the rest of it kind of drapes over your neck, and shoulders.

Generally, I find most oversized garments overwhelming – I find that they can be (on my body) tricky to balance the proportion on. But I think that this piece isn’t overwhelming, because the fabric is so light. It’s both visually light, and also a light weight fabric.

This means that balancing it out proportionally when I’m getting dressed is easier, and also I don’t overheat when wearing it – which makes it a fantastic indoor winter sweater.

What I’m wearing…

SweaterA grey and white striped, mesh, crochet cocoon sweater, made by me, 100% alpaca.

Shirt: A dark grey/black graphic “The Babe with the Power” tee shirt from Oui Fresh, 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon. (Labyrinth reference for the win!)

Jeans: Black, straight leg, skinny jeans from Uniqlo, 69% cotton, 29% polyester, 2% spandex. (These are definitely my go-to jeans.)

Shoes: Salome Buttero by Dr. Martens’

Accessories: Sunglasses from Ricky’s. Bracelets/necklaces one from a street fair, and one was a gift. Rings from various places. Lip is probably Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick from Maybelline, in the colorway Divine Wine (#695).

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