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Finding your style comes with a lot of questions, and no “one size fits all” answers. So ask your question at the next Style Chat!


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There’s TONS of advice out there. But not all of it will fit YOUR style and YOUR situation. How do you know what will work for you? How do you sort through what advice to try first? And how will you know if it worked anyway? 

What if you could find one trusted resource to answer all your style questions?

Imagine what it would feel like to have a style question, and know exactly where to go for the solution. How great would that be?! 

Get all your questions answered, in one easy place.

Whether you’re struggling with…

Or whatever other clothing related dilemma is on your plate. (Last time we covered online shopping & how to spot high quality clothing.)

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About Holly 

Holly is a style and wardrobe consultant. She works with you to bring your clothing into alignment with who you are, and who you feel you are meant to be. In short, she fixes what’s broken in your wardrobe. She is also the host of Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes, where she talks about clothes with people who wear them.

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"Holly helped me take my style ideal and bring it into the real world with actionable steps to start achieving the look I envisioned. I am the best version of myself when I feel good, and Holly helped me start to actualize a wardrobe that makes me feel good everyday."
- Kia

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We all know that when we look good, we feel better. Let’s get those nagging questions out of the way, so you can continue on with your fabulous-self.