Summer 2017 10x10 Plaid Shirt+Black Jeans 6

Summer 2017 10x10 Plaid Shirt+Black Jeans 5

Summer 2017 10x10 Plaid Shirt+Black Jeans 4

It’s day two of the Summer 2017 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge! And I’m absolutely loving having a very limited wardrobe again. My everyday wardrobe is by no means bloated, and yet, I usually have no idea what I want to wear at least once a week.

I’ve observed that for me at least, “I have nothing to wear” is code for a combination of “I have nothing to wear that represents who I want to be today” (which is never actually factually true, but always feels true at the time) and “there are too many options, I’m overwhelmed.”

This 10 piece wardrobe is just so easy to choose from in the morning – all the options are there, just choose the one that works.

I’m loving this look today because it’s casual and effortless without looking shlubby. It’s comfortable enough to wear sitting on the computer all day, but put-together enough that I don’t feel the need to change to run errands.

When you work from home, it’s really easy to spend the majority of your day at work in your pjs, or comfy “at home” clothing. But for me (and I’m sure for a ton of other people who work from home) switching out of “work” mode at the end of the day is difficult enough because the location that work happens in is the same location that non-work happens in. Add on top of working and relaxing in the same location, working and relaxing in the same clothing and there is no way that I will ever even come close to successfully switching out of “work mode.”

Work-life balance, what work-life balance?

So, I do always appreciate an outfit that is put together enough to be an outfit, and relaxed enough to be worn at a desk at home.

What I’m wearing…

Shirt: Made-by-me. The pattern is Archer by Grainline Studios with some modifications. (Details about my modifications on my other site here.)
Jeans: Straight skinny jeans from Uniqlo (currently out of stock)
Shoes: Salome Buttero by Dr. Martens’
Sunglasses: From Friends in Brooklyn (not available online)
Bracelets: Made-by-me
Rings: Various
Lip: Always On Liquid Lipstick from Smashbox, in the colorway Bawse

Catch up on Day One here, the basic premise of the 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge here, and the hashtag #summer10x10 here.