WhoWearsWho Summer 10x10 Wardrob Challenge wrap up and review

I had an incredible time taking part in this summer’s 10×10 wardrobe challenge hosted by Caroline of Un-Fancy, and Lee of Style Bee. It’s been almost two years since I had done a wardrobe challenge before this one, and this was a super fun, low-pressure way to dive back in.

I included 10 pieces in my mini-capsule wardrobe, but only ended up wearing 9 of them. I included: 4 shirts, 1 skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 2 dresses, and 2 pairs of shoes; and ended up not wearing one of the dresses.

In this review, I’ll wrap up this challenge with a couple of review questions, my own standard review Qs, plus some 10×10 wardrobe challenge specific ones from Caroline’s wrap up post.

Shall we dive in?

What worked?

What worked – most things in this challenge worked, which is always a fantastic feeling. Most of the wardrobe pieces worked, and they worked well together. Most of the blogging and documenting parts worked as well.

I think the things that worked particularly well were:
1) having a focus for the wardrobe and the challenge. I wanted to experiment with styling tee shirts, which I’ve never worn a ton before.
2) photographing all the possible outfit combinations before hand and then sharing which one I wore that particular day, rather than trying to take a photo, edit it, post it, and write about it each day. This took a ton of pressure off, and I think if I had done it the other way, I’m pretty sure I’d have given up sharing outfits halfway through.

There are a couple things I’d tweak, and keep in mind for next time, but on the whole I think this was a smashing success!

What didn’t?

Like I said, most things worked in this challenge, but the main thing that didn’t work was one piece in my wardrobe.

I added a semi-dressy dress to my wardrobe at the last minute. Because my aim for this challenge was focused on tee shirts, this was a kind of as a “just in case” piece – just in case I needed something a little more put together.

But I didn’t actually end up wearing my “just in case” dress, and sort of wished I had swapped it out for some sandals instead.

Did your clothes work for the weather?

Yep! I was a little worried that we might have a chillier morning or evening than I had planned my wardrobe for (no light sweaters, no summer sweatshirts, etc.), but everything ended up working out fine. And if I had run into this problem I could have worn my green plaid button up as an over-shirt (like I did on Day 6).

Did you wear anything that wasn’t included in your 10 pieces?

Other than accessories, undergarments, PJs, and workout wear – nope!

How did laundry work out?

Hand-washing individual pieces, plus spot cleaning took care of everything over the two weeks. Though I am now tossing everything I normally machine-wash into the laundry bag for a more thorough cleaning.

Which outfit was your favorite?

I think it’s a toss up between the outfit I wore on Day 2: green plaid button up shirt (made by me), black jeans (Uniqlo), plus Salome Buttero boots (Dr. Martens’). And the outfit I wore on Day 5: soup tee-shirt (Uniqlo), black & white abstract maxi dress (H&M), plus Salome Buttero boots (Dr. Martens’) again.

Which outfit was the most outside your comfort zone?

Most definitely what I wore on Day 6: green plaid button up shirt (made by me), soup tee-shirt (Uniqlo), silk skirt (made by me), plus sneakers (Nike). But I figure that the whole point of a wardrobe challenge is to try new things, so I went with it.

What to keep in mind for next time?

For next time I want to keep in mind that:

  1. This was a TON of fun – so do it (even if it seems like an inopportune time).
  2. Three pairs of shoes might seem excessive for 10 days, but then again, they might not be, so consider it.
  3. On days when you have nothing to say, you have nothing to say! Let that be ok.

And that’s that! I hope you enjoyed this 10×10 wardrobe challenge as much as I did, either as a participant or just as an observer.

If you missed a day, you can catch up on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, and Day 10.