Trying new things - knotted tee look two. ||

Trying new things - knotted tee look two. ||

Trying new things - knotted tee look two. ||

The other day, I wrote about my first go at playing around with knotting a tee shirt (probably the world’s oldest tee shirt hack). I went with the classic knot at the side, and found that this style had moved from very firmly from “not my thing,” to “maybe my thing on certain days.” If you want to catch-up with that look, you can read about it here.

Today, I styled the same outfit, but with a different knot placement. This time I put the knot in the back instead of on the side (which seems like a completely inconsequential change). But I love how that one little thing changes the whole silhouette and general vibe of the shirt.

Originally, this shirt is a blousy, straight-cut tee shirt. Knotting it on the side in the front changed it into a long crop top, while knotting it at the back has changed it into a fitted tee.

In it’s original silhouette, this tee shirt can look very baggy. So I love how this small no sew tee shirt hack adds definition to the silhouette, which changes the look from a blousy oversized tee to a fitted tee without having to alter the shirt.

By knotting this tee shirt in the back, you get the best of both worlds a fitted tee without having to alter a tee shirt.
Ultimately, this feels much more “me.” I love that this look is much more streamline, and the fitted tee shirt silhouette works well with skinny jeans and boots.

I think my final verdict on knotting tee shirts in general has turned very firmly into an excellent tool to have in my back pocket. I love how simple it is, while also giving pretty dramatic results.

I went into this figuring that it would be fun to try, but that everything would look dated. So I’m actually really excited with how these looks came out. Because who doesn’t love more options?!

What I’m wearing…

Shirt: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast short sleeve graphic tee from Uniqlo. 100% cotton. Picked up as part of an opportunistic shopping spree.

Jeans: Black, straight leg, skinny jeans from Uniqlo, 69% cotton, 29% polyester, 2% spandex.

Shoes: Salome Buttero by Dr. Martens’.

Accessories: Bracelets are made-by-me. Rings from various places. Lip is Always On Liquid Lipstick from Smashbox, in the colorway Bawse.