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3 tops and a pair of pants.

I don’t buy clothes often. And when I do, I try to do it intentionally, and as (relatively) non-impulsively as possible. (One of the tools I use to do this is a Pocket Shopping List, which you can find out more about here.)

But given that my only pair of black jeans is currently full of holes and sitting in pile of clothes to be mended, an immediate pair of black jeans was in order.

The shirts on the other hand were the impulse buy(s). They’re cute and fun and I wanted them enough to check out with my pants, and then go back for them.

But then I was wandering around the store I was asking “why?”

why? Why? WHY? do I want these?

And the voice at the back of my head said “ease.”

These pieces embody ease.

They really do. And ease is a quality I always want present in my wardrobe.

I want to be at ease and at home in my clothing. And also at ease and at home in my body inside of my clothing.

While I bought all three shirts impulsively, they weren’t unplanned purchases. I’ve been wanting a handful of loose fitting, dark colored, easy to throw on tee shirts for awhile, and so when I saw them, I jumped on them.

So, maybe I wouldn’t say I bought them impulsively or without control, but rather that I was seizing an opportunity that presented itself. I certainly didn’t go looking for these shirts yesterday, but when I saw them, I bought them.

Is buying clothing that you desire, but weren’t looking for, impulsive? Or are you seizing an opportunity?

And consider using a Pocket Shopping List to increase the odds of opportunistic purchasing.

More options:

|| pieces shown: Uniqlo skinny straight jeans in black; drape crewneck short sleeve tee shirt; Disney Beauty and the Beast short sleeve graphic tee; SPRZ NY short sleeve graphic tee (Andy Warhol) ||