on the steps in brooklynReady for what’s next?

Maybe something happened – a new job, a promotion, a new relationship, getting married, a new city, something like that. Or maybe it’s less obvious – you just don’t feel quite yourself when you get dressed each morning, you used to enjoy putting outfits together but then life got busy, you used to feel stylish and cool but then life happened.

Maybe you’re in a rut and haven’t been able to get yourself out of it. Or maybe you’ve gone through some changes and aren’t quite sure what to wear now.

Or maybe your closet is perfectly serviceable, there’s nothing is objectively wrong with it, but you don’t feel quite satisfied with it.

Great! We can work with that.

When you’re uncomfortable in your clothes, you’re uncomfortable in your life.

I know what it’s like to be in a style rut. To feel like you have nothing to wear. To “invest” in pieces that don’t work for you. To wake up every morning and face a closet you loved in the store but in reality never wear.

It’s easy to think personal style is frivolous or doesn’t apply to you because you don’t work in fashion. But we all get dressed everyday and the clothes we wear impact every aspect of our lives.

Being brave in your style, and having confidence in your wardrobe let’s you be braver and more confident in every aspect of your life. Finding this bravery and building this confidence is not always easy, and often impossible to do alone.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. And being fully embodied in your own skin is worth a bit of effort.

Together we can turn your closet into a place you love. We can turn your clothes into tools that help you feel confident and brave each and every morning.

We do this by starting where you are with what you have, and building from a solid foundation to bring in a beautiful transformation.

It all starts with a strong foundation.

We all have clothes in our closets that we’ve been stuck with for years (upon years, upon years). Which is why I always suggest you start your personal style journey with a deep closet cleanse.

In the closet cleanse we dive into the very back of your closet and clear out all the stuff that no longer fits who you are TODAY. We let go of old wishes, old dreams, old jobs, old styles, old sizes, and create space for your current wishes, dreams, job, style, size, shape and personality to grow.

From that foundation we can dive into building a wardrobe that fully embodies your style.

From a strong foundation your style will flow.

Most stylists put emphasize adding new additions to your wardrobe. But unless your closet reflects who you are now, how will you know what to add to become who you want to be?

Once we uncover the foundations of your style, we’ll build upon it in a way that’s customized to you and what you need most right now. This could look like styling the clothes you have in new ways, or adding the handful of pieces you’re missing, or rebuilding a now completely empty wardrobe.

Learn more about the Closet Cleanse here.

Working with Holly to go through my wardrobe was a delight. She was professional, friendly, and most of all very, very helpful. She look into account what I do for a living, what pieces I already had, and what the look I was hoping to aim for and really personalized her recommendations. Her recommendations were easy to understand, comprehensive, and spot on. I would absolutely recommend her to any of my friends.

-Corey M.

doorway in brooklynHey, I’m Holly

I’m a stylist and wardrobe consultant who helps people like you bring more bravery and confidence to their life, through bringing style and grace to their wardrobes.

Courageous, empowered, curious, kind, mindful, with a strong foundation and lots of laughter.

Those are the qualities I bring to what I do.

You might be here because your wardrobe is overflowing and you’re overwhelmed. Or because you wake up every morning wondering what to wear. Or because a life event has tossed everything in the air and it’s landed back at your feet.

Or maybe you just feel like you could use some more confidence and want to feel a little braver each morning.

You’re in the right spot. Thank you for being here with me.

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Pricing and What to Expect

Having a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant can sound daunting or completely out of reach, but it doesn’t have to be.

To build your foundation…

It all starts with a cleansed closet. I’m available for sessions Tuesday through Sunday. So we can find a time to tackle your wardrobe that fits with your schedule.

After we’ve had our initial hopes and dreams call (these usually run about 30 minutes or so) and we’re ready to move forward, I’ll send you an invoice for your closet cleanse. Once that’s taken care of we’ll schedule our intentions and goal setting chat (like the hopes and dreams call these usually run about 30 minutes), plus your closet cleanse, which runs around 4 hours.

A closet cleanse is $888 for a single 4 hour session, plus our intentions setting chat. Additional hours can be added on for $125/hour or a customized follow up session scheduled if you have a particularly large wardrobe, we can discuss this on our hopes & dreams call.

(Please note, there is a travel fee outside of New York City’s five boroughs, contact me for more information.)

Read more about the Closet Cleanse and book your call here.

After your closet has been cleansed…

We’re ready to invite in who you’re becoming. Packages are customized for where you are with your style, what you need most, and the most effective way to achieve that.

We might continue the momentum inside your closet, styling and combining pieces you already own to jumpstart your creativity. We might dive deeper into letting go of the clothes it’s time to let go of by determining what to donate and to consign, and actively getting the items out of your apartment.

We might go shopping! Either virtually or in-person finding those incredible pieces that will take your closet and style to the next level.

We might get regular cleanses on the books so that your closet never gets into a state of total chaos ever again. Or regular shopping adventures on the schedule so you’re not tempted to shop scatter-shot anymore because you’ll know we’ll tackle it intentionally and methodically soon.

We might take on a special occasion like a photo shoot, a tour or business trip, a wedding, a move, or anything else you might need a little stylistic back-up for.

I had the worst time time translating my street style on camera. Holly came in, really listened and helped me get organized and get ready for a photo shoot. The results where perfect!

-Lisa O.

But what if I just cleaned my closet?!

That’s cool. Good for you! Let’s chat about your next style steps.

We might start with a mini-cleanse if you cleaned out your closet awhile ago and want to ensure the foundations are strong. Or we might dive right into styling, or shopping. We’ll chat options and find out what would best next step for you on our call together.

Ready to fall back in love with your style?

Schedule an easy, stress-free call to chat. I can’t wait to talk to you about your style hopes and closet dreams.

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Clearing out my closet with Holly was truly a radically life changing experience. I’ve always known that my inability to let go of certain clothing was deeply connected to core wounds that I’ve carried for far too long. Holly is deeply intuitive and creates a safe container that allowed me to feel the full spectrum of feelings every step of our journey together. She asked questions that help me really get to the essence of why I’ve held on for so long, she gave me permission to feel all of what I felt than gave me the strength to finally release, and let go. In releasing clothing, I’ve released emotional baggage, old stories, belief systems, fears and so much pain.

– Jillian Gonzalez

Closet Cleanse

Ready to lay strong foundations for your personal style? Click here to learn more about the closet cleanse and schedule your hopes & dreams call.

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If you’re ready to begin bringing bravery and confidence, space and grace to your wardrobe, let’s chat for a couple minutes to see if we’re a good fit for tackling this together!