Wearing your right clothes is the physical manifestation of showing up as “I am enough.”

Wear YOUR right thing to the meeting, the lunch, the launch, the party, the photo shoot, the grocery store, and every day in-between, and you’ll find yourself showing up more like your best self.

Your Personal Day-to-Day

When you align your wardrobe, you get your life into line. Full stop.

Your attitude + posture + clothes are your first impression to the world.

Your closet is one of your first impressions in your morning.

And through your clothes you tell yourself a message all day long.

What do your clothes tell the world about you?
What do your clothes tell YOURSELF about YOU?

We, you and I and everyone else, consume & comprehend visuals in fractions of a second.

What do YOUR visuals tell ME about YOU?

Nail that, and you’re golden.

Learn more about the process here.

A Crash Course in Personal Style

It’s not about the brand. Or the label. Or the logo emblazoned across your chest.

It’s about all the things we don’t think about as we get dressed each morning – sovereignty, autonomy, confidence, and being the queen of your own domain.

Personal style is personal.

On some level, we all know this. But we still act as though a one-size-fits-all solution will fit us right out of the magazine. Even though nothing fits everyone right out of the box.

Let’s start thinking about those things, and stop trying to find answers to personal questions in “the hottest trends this season.”

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Photo Shoots, Tours, Special Events & Occasions

Look your best for your big day.

From business events like photo shoots, launches, speaking gigs, tours, etc. To personal events like weddings, parties, long trips, etc.

We’ll sort out what to wear and how to style it. If something (or some things) from your closet will do, or if a shopping trip is in order.

You’ll know exactly what to wear from clothes to shoes to accessories to bags (plus backups!)

If it’s a photo shoot or event, we’ll cover what to bring, what to prep and what to have you assistant (or cohered friend) do. If you want me on hand, we can discuss that too.

No matter what the event or occasion, you’ll be ready.

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Clearing out my closet with Holly was truly a radically life changing experience. I’ve always known that my inability to let go of certain clothing was deeply connected to core wounds that I’ve carried for far too long. Holly is deeply intuitive and creates a safe container that allowed me to feel the full spectrum of feelings every step of our journey together. She asked questions that help me really get to the essence of why I’ve held on for so long, she gave me permission to feel all of what I felt than gave me the strength to finally release, and let go. In releasing clothing, I’ve released emotional baggage, old stories, belief systems, fears and so much pain.

I’ve freed up so much space both literally but more importantly energetically. I see my closet now and it is a true representation of who I am TODAY, not of who I was yesterday or who want to be someday when I lose the weight, or am bold enough or wild enough. She helped me hone in on my core style statement, this WAS so big. When I’m shopping now it’s truly exciting and feels liberating and free and so uniquely me.

This experience felt both deeply enlightening, while also feeling like you are hanging out with a close girlfriend. Our time together felt so judgement and pressure free, Holly is a beautiful guide and this experience has informed my life in ways that were obvious and in SO many ways that weren’t obvious at all. This is such important work. I’m so grateful I gifted myself this opportunity, my greatest wish is that anyone reading this gives themselves the gift of a closet clearing with Holly. You will be so happy you did.

– Jillian Gonzalez, NYC

I’m Holly Chayes, I know the power of your perfect personal style.

Your clothes can either haunt you or help you. We’ll make sure your style is always on your side.