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Not having to actually get dressed is the best(!) part of a relaxed vacation. I took these photos before heading out of town for a couple days to spend some time in Maine with family, and basically wore some variation on this look the entire time I was on vacation.

Shorts, pants, and camis swapped in and out (though these were definitely my go-to!), sometimes the plaid over-shirt changed, I generally didn’t bother with jewelry, and more often than not I was barefoot, but this was basically the look I wore the whole time.

The “robe” is technically a button up dress from Uniqlo, and when I saw it, I couldn’t not get it. The fabric is a light weight flannel, so it’s a fantastic transitioning and layering piece. It was kind of chilly in Maine so I’m really glad I had something on the warmer side of summery.

This piece actually comes in two colorways, a black/white print, and a black/red print. I initially picked up the black/white because I liked the very graphic quality of it on the hanger, but when I got it on it didn’t really work, so I went with the black/red instead and I think I made the right choice. The black/red color variation has enough contrast to make the check print clear, but not so much that it’s overwhelming on such a large scale over a large piece of clothing.

And of course(!) the black/red buffalo check is perfectly appropriate to wear in Maine (though I certainly didn’t buy it for the trip, they just so happened to coincide perfectly).

Plus, as someone who doesn’t often wear shorts, the length of this dress (or robe, or whatever you want to call it) balances shorts in a way that makes them feel much easier to wear.

What I’m wearing…

Dress/Robe/Over-shirt: Flannel Checked Shirt Dress from Uniqlo
Camisole: Organic Cotton Jersey Camisole from Muji
Shorts: Black Twill Shorts from H&M
Shoes: Black Wedge Booties (old enough to not really be able to read the brand name on the inner sole)
Necklace: Old, from a street fair
Rings: Various

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