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It’s true, your personal style is innately yours, and your closet is your toolbox. 

“Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.” –Oscar de la Renta

I was talking with a friend the other day, and she made a comment that for a personal stylist I don’t talk a lot about style. Or fashion.

And she’s right.

I talk a lot about clothes instead. (My podcast’s name is highly accurate 😂). 

Because when it comes to personal style, your clothes are your tools, and your closet is your toolbox.

I don’t know if you’ve spent much time in shops or studios, but every tool generally has a home. And there’s a striving for the ideal balance between enough material and supplies and tools to be creative, but not so much as to be overwhelmed. Even though, what that ideal is, is fluid.

When you have the right tools, and every tool has a home, and you are moving towards that ideal balance of “enough” but not too much, expressing your personal style is as easy as laughing.

Your style bubbles up and bursts out in delight.

As a stylist, I can give you techniques to express your style more effectively and hone your style until it’s focused and clear. Making sure sure you have the right tools and every tool has a home.

As a coach, I can see your situation from the outside. And reflect back the personal style I already see in you.

And as a consultant, I can help you navigate portraying the person you’d like to portray, and protecting the pieces you’re not ready to share.

Even with all of that, your style is, and always has been, innately, yours.

If you want to work together and express your style, reach out.


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