Know what you have. Wear what you love.

The Wardrobe Inventory Workbook – 4 steps to closet clarity. 

It’s time to ditch nothing to wear syndrome and uncover the gems hiding in your closet. 

I’ve never worked with someone who doesn’t have gems in their closet.

If you want to look good without effort, show up as your best self, wear the clothes you love and ditch the clothes you hate, I can help you make that happen. It usually comes down to getting clear on the clothes you have and seeing them in a new light.

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What people are saying about working with me…

Holly’s questions were awesome — whenever I got stuck, she asked me good things to come at the decision from another angle… She helped me evaluate the value of my jewelry pieces on a scale that mattered to me.

– Amy Crook from the San Francisco Bay Area about a Closet Clean Out Session

I thought I had nothing to wear until Holly asked me some vital questions to help me realize that I actually made some really good choices that spoke to my personality and made me feel comfortable. I also love how Holly created a safe, nonjudgmental space about the clothes I wear and help me refine when I was confused with what color or cut works best.

– Jessie Chiang from Southern California about 1:1 Coaching

The fact that I’ve started to put more thought into what I wear in the morning is the biggest change for me. I used to be on auto-pilot when it came to getting dressed. Now I try my best to honor who I’d truly like to be in the mornings when I get ready for my day.

– Adina from New York City about 5 Days of Style

Seeing the bigger picture.

By necessity, when we’re getting dressed each morning we’re only thinking about a small handful of options – we can’t wear our whole closet to work every day. 

But building a cohesive wardrobe that you love requires zooming out.

A wardrobe inventory is a tool for getting a bird’s eye view of your wardrobe. It helps you look at your wardrobe as a whole rather than focusing on specific outfits or pieces of clothing. It’s a way to see the whole forest instead of focusing on a handful of trees.

Creating your wardrobe inventory gives you time and space to sift through the clothes you own and clearly distinguish your much beloved clothes from your “shoulds”, “if-onlys” and other faux-options. 

The Wardrobe Inventory Process

The wardrobe inventory process you’ll walk through in this workbook began when I needed to tackle inventorying a theater’s costume collection, which was always split across two locations and at least 2-3 shows at any given time.

Over time I’ve refined it to work for you. (Having a closet inventory isn’t reserved for Pinterest perfect capsule wardrobes.)

So bring on your overflowing, maximalist wardrobes AND your mismatched, minimalist capsule wardrobes. 

This process will help bring you closet clarity no matter your wardrobe style. 

Bring on the closet clarity! 

The Wardrobe Inventory Workbooks is a four step process to help you bring clarity to your closet. Closet clarity simplifies your outfit choosing process, eases shopping conundrums, and helps you identify the clothes you feel confident in. Which all lead to inevitable personal style.

In this workbook you’ll get:

My favorite step-by-step process for building a clear and flexible inventory of the clothes you own, designed to help you realize your wardrobe goals and fit within your lifestyle

  • Together we will…
    • identify what you want to use your wardrobe inventory to tackle
    • decide what to include, what to exclude, and how to store your inventory
    • choose how you’ll implement building your inventory so it gets done (without overwhelm)
    • create a game plan for keeping your wardrobe & inventory up to date
  • BONUS Decision Making Worksheet
  • BONUS 7 Wardrobe Inventory Templates
    • Including both visual templates and spreadsheet templates using GoogleSheets and GoogleSlides.

Learn the process, step-by-step with The Wardrobe Inventory Workbook. Know what you have. Wear what you love. 4 steps to closet clarity.

Wardrobe Inventory Internal Mockup Square

What other people are saying about working with Holly…

Holly helped me take my style ideal and bring it into the real world with actionable steps to start achieving the look I envisioned.

– Kia from San Francisco about 1:1 Coaching

Clearing out my closet with Holly was truly a radically life changing experience.

– Jillian Gonzalez from New York City about a Closet Clean Out Session

Without Holly I’d still be pinning looks from Pinterest without any idea of how to get a wardrobe to work together.

– Amy from Seattle about a Custom Outfit Styling

Four simple steps to closet clarity.


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