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5 Days of Style

Get out of your style rut

Find your center

Embrace your style

We get dressed every day. The clothes we wear are with us through every part of our life. Join this five day long audio program to spark insight, gain clarity, and find your starting point to finally “do something about your clothes” (or wardrobe, or image).

This program will help you…

Even if you don’t look like the image you have in your head – you still have style. 

Holly is an amazingly supportive teacher, mentor, and guide. She’s not going to try and shove you into a system or a style or a wardrobe that fits her agenda. She wants you to feel great being YOU. That support and encouragement without a hint of bias is absolutely priceless. I wish there were a million Hollys.

– Naomi –​

This isn’t your average style class.

I’m not going to tell you what belt to wear, how to do a french tuck, or even how to use clothes to make you look taller and skinnier. Because THAT class presupposed a lot of things that might not be true for you.

In THIS program we’ll get to the heart of what YOU ACTUALLY WANT.

So that you can use those strategies EFFECTIVELY. 

We'll cover...

By simply listening, I was able to conjure images of my OWN wardrobe, my OWN vibe, and how I wanted to combine the two that day.

My biggest takeaway is that style is so much more conditioned than I ever realized. I always fancied myself unique, but this week showed me that I still have work to do in terms of wearing what I want to wear without concern for how it makes anyone else feel. I am more mindful when dressing for other events in that I am now committed to wearing what feels good and what feels like me.

– Liz Fisher –​

Imagine, waking up in bed and starting your day with a couple moments of contemplation. Moving through your day with more attentiveness to your body and your desires. Checking in with yourself each evening about how the day went. How refreshing to have those few moments of quiet with yourself. 

How it works...

This is a five day audio program designed to be a strong container, without an overwhelming time commitment.

Each day (beginning as soon as you purchase the program and continuing with five mornings of content), you’ll get the next morning’s audio via email, carve out 3-4 minutes in the morning to listen while you get ready for your day (or while you stay in bed for a couple more moments). 

The heart of this program is a series of five audio contemplation-meditations. All you need to do is listen – it’s remarkable what can be learned through osmosis. None of these audios are longer than 4 minutes, and the very best time to listen is first thing in the morning so that you have the rest of the day to mull on them. 

We all have thoroughly full plates, so again this is designed to be a strong container without a large time commitment.

The ideal rhythm for this program is:

1. Wake up in the morning, listen to the audio first thing.
2. Get out of bed and go about your day.
3. When your evening is done and you’re winding down take a couple moments to think back over the day: what did you wear? How did it feel? What thoughts & feelings came up for you? (I’ve included journal prompts for you but they are completely optional, and honestly answering these three simple questions is more than enough.)
4. Then go to sleep, wake up and repeat until the end of the program.

If you can’t make this ideal rhythm happen, find a consistent time that works for you.

This program is designed to fit within a full and busy life, so it only takes a couple minutes every day. But that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful, tiny cumulative actions can produce magic, so stick with it. 

The content for this program is concentrated in the morning’s audio recordings, while the evening check in helps you hold the space for this experience. 

Ditch the cultural narrative and uncover the keys to YOUR style.

Shall we?

Get all five days of the program, be ready to center yourself, stop second guessing and take control of your wardrobe for $65.

I was starting to feel like I’d outgrown a lot of the clothes I have, especially since I’ve been rocking the same gear for some time now. Since my days keep me on-the-go, comfort is an essential part of my look. I haven’t really done any major fashion changes in the past few years, unless you count switching athleisure brands as a major change. It was time for a style overhaul, but I was hoping this style delve would help me to approach my overhaul more mindfully, instead of playing it safe.

Now that the week is over I feel like it’ll be easier than I thought to change my style to fit my day-to-day needs while still honoring my own truth in how I’d really love to portray myself. I’m encouraging myself not to be as reserved about wanting try something different for myself. There are so many ways to ease into making a style change, but it is important to actively facilitate that change.

The fact that I’ve started to put more thought into what I wear in the morning is the biggest change for me. I used to be on auto-pilot when it came to getting dressed. Now I try my best to honor who I’d truly like to be in the mornings when I get ready for my day.

Adina –​


Ready to upgrade your style?

Get all five days of the program, be ready to center yourself, stop second guessing and take control of your wardrobe for $65.

Even though I own a ton of clothes, I didn’t always feel like I had something to wear in the mornings, and often felt like I needed to revamp my closet (or at least my perspective on it). I had tried downsizing my closet and identifying staple pieces but didn’t have much luck doing it on my own.

After this week I have a better sense of what my staple pieces are and feel like I can get rid of clothes I’ve kept simply because they look “flattering.” Plus the two approaches to planning an outfit brought a new appreciation to some of my clothes. I’m seeing pieces I don’t often wear in a new light, experimenting with things I don’t pull out much, and actually setting style intentions.

Starting my morning listening to the audios was probably my favorite aspect of this process.

– Haile Bennett –

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