Hello! I’m Holly Chayes, a personal style coach and consultant.

I’m a personal style coach and consultant. I help individuals find their authentic personal style and become brave enough to wear it.

I focus primarily on everyday style supported by day to day systems and structures. If you can’t live your style when you’re running late, fighting a cold, with a screaming toddler, and it’s the day before laundry day – something isn’t working and we can fix that.

I have a background in costume design for theater and film, and building & running marketing and operations systems for creative businesses.

I’m also the host of Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes, a podcast talking about clothes with people who wear them, and the founder and writer behind Who Wears Who? (You are here!) A website devoted to helping you take back control of your wardrobe.

From the hundreds (maybe thousands at this point?) of conversations I’ve had about clothing and style, I know that we want a wardrobe that makes us look our best, feel our most confident, and fits seamlessly into our life.

In short, we want to live our style. Shall we? 

Start here to discover your authentic style.

Holly is an amazingly supportive teacher, mentor, and guide. She’s not going to try and shove you into a system or a style or a wardrobe that fits her agenda. She wants you to feel great being YOU. That support and encouragement without a hint of bias is absolutely priceless. I wish there were a million Hollys, and they all taught in the public school system.

– Naomi

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Thank you so much for sharing all your tips on clothes. In fact, after our episode, I went ahead and made conscious decisions, let go of feeling guilty for shopping, and donated clothes that I don’t wear anymore (or fit). I started to buy with intention and wear clothes that make me feel confident within myself! 

– Emily Walsh, In Search of Her: The Podcast

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Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes is a seasonal podcast where I talk about clothes with people who wear them. My guests and I explore the complex relationship we have with our clothing, and the role they play in our lives.

Over the next five days uncover the stumbling blocks in your own style in 5 Days of Style so that you can stop second guessing yourself, and finally take control of your closet.

Ever wondered what your clothes through of your style choices? Well, they certainly have opinions… get advice from your clothes, and stylist tips from me.

photograph by: Meredith Hart