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I used to be on auto-pilot when it came to getting dressed. Now I try my best to honor who I’d truly like to be in the mornings when I get ready for my day.

– Adina, NYC

Do you wear your clothes, or do your clothes wear you? It’s time to find your clear, confident, authentic, true-to-you sense of style.

Ready for the wardrobe of your dreams? The wardrobe that you will keep and love for the rest of your life. The closet that brings out the best version of you.

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I’m Holly Chayes, I help you build the wardrobe of your dreams and fix what’s not working in your closet.

Your clothes can either haunt you or help you. We’ll make sure your style is always on your side with a wardrobe you LOVE!


On the blog you’ll find style solutions, personal reflections, how to articles, podcast episodes and so much more.

Before this, my closet was just really sad. And motley. How did I feel? Boring. Apathetic. Hopeless. That sort of hopeless you feel when you’ve been so hopeless for so long that you don’t even notice it as hopelessness anymore.

Now, I feel like I have my power back. I feel like I can go into my closet and use my grown-up brain to pick something that really works. I feel like I have control over my closet destiny.

– Naomi, Canada

Wardrobe information: Purple sweater made-by-me. White graphic skirt made-by-me. Fawn sweater made-by-me. Rings from various places.