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Take advantage of Black Friday – Cyber Monday absurdity pricing.

First things first, if you’ve been thinking about getting help with your style – you’ll want to take a look at this. This year I have decided to find Black Friday hilarious in an absurdist theater kind of way. So the discount is significant, slots are limited, and you are cordially invited to delight in the absurdity with me.

Why personal style coaching? 

Because what would your wardrobe look like if you removed all of the guilt and all of the shame? How would you feel about yourself if your clothes stopped telling you “you’re too fat” or “too short” or “not cool enough” – too much and too little all in the same breath?

What if your whole wardrobe reminded you that you are fearless, and you are beautiful, and you are so much more capable than you think you are? When you open your closet doors to the reminder of THAT every morning, what could you accomplish?

Would you laugh more? Smile more? Hug your friends and kids more? Kiss your partner more? Love yourself more? Shine brighter in this world that needs your light?

I don’t know what you’d do differently… but I’ll bet it would be a LOT.

And when you fix your style problems, you start fixing your life problems, too. (It’s almost like magic.)

Working with a personal stylist was a brand new adventure for me. Holly came into my life just when I needed to address my issue with styling as I decided to fully step into my business for the first time in 10 years. It has plagued me for the longest time. I knew I had an issue with styling myself but I didn’t know where to start or what to discuss. But Holly asked the most important questions that made me realize my own self-limiting belief that stemmed from way back – one that had held me from fully expressing myself in fashion. It’s good to discover that and now I don’t have to be afraid of going with what I love wearing anymore.

The most delightful part is when I am able to talk about fashion with Holly. I LOVE fashion! I also love that I was able to uncover some of the clothing I bought are actually GREAT pieces! I thought I had nothing to wear until Holly asked me some vital questions to help me realize that I actually made some really good choices that spoke to my personality and made me feel comfortable. I also love how Holly created a safe, nonjudgmental space about the clothes I wear and help me refine when I was confused with what color or cut works best. Also, I thought it was because of my weird body shape that I can’t find anything to wear. Only to find out that it’s not me, but the clothes itself. It’s the matter of finding the perfect fit. Holly empowered me to make better choices with what to wear and how to find them.

Holly instilled in me to SHOW UP for myself. I have made it a daily habit to wear an outfit that I usually prepare the night before as if I was going to meet someone important the next day. And I did meet many important people that are pivotal to my business and career. I have been interviewed in 3 different avenues, 2 more to come and a work collaboration in the future. I felt confident when I went on the Zoom calls because I was ready to be seen! As a result of being visible as well, I also signed up 3 clients in the few weeks we had our sessions. 

– Jessie, Southern California 

So what holds people back when it comes to their style? Fear & Clothing.

Most people don’t develop a style that fits beautifully with their life because they’re thinking about clothing as items. Instead, they should treat their wardrobe as a whole system of pieces that all work together, seamlessly creating a look that represents THEM.

This is where style “issues” come from – when you don’t look at your wardrobe as a system, it only takes a few misaligned items to start throwing everything off. And it makes it really hard to feel good about what you’re wearing.

When you don’t feel good about what you’re wearing, you don’t feel good about you, and when you don’t feel good about you, everything gets out of whack.

This is where fear comes in. 

We try to fix the problem by buying new clothes. But our wardrobe is out of whack so they don’t really fit in. So we wear them and feel self conscious. Or we’re too scared to wear them in the first place. 

When we’re scared and self conscious it seeps into every other part of our lives. 

We don’t show up fully with our partners or kids or families. Or we don’t speak up in that meeting even though we know we can. We don’t ask for the promotion or find the new job or negotiate the better package. Or we don’t take the chance on the new friend or the new hobby. We shrink or we overcompensate, when we should be expanding and moving forward.

If you want to expand and move forward, you have to create a style that truly, truly, works for you. Then the magic starts happening.

I was just starting to gather ideas of a coherent, intentional “style” when I reached out to Holly. Dressing up for out of town business events has been stressful to the point of tears. Shopping for business clothes has been haphazard at best; the clothes I like aren’t “professional” and the professional clothes I didn’t like (and didn’t flatter me in any way!).

I knew I needed some “outside counsel” for help. When I tried anything previously, I just ended up with a lot of clothes, shoes, and accessories without building a real style or look.

Now, I feel confident that I can make decisions about what to put together and even what to buy that contributes to a consistent look. I can clearly rule things out that were previously in my “wish list”, and buy things I wouldn’t have considered before.

I have outfits that are easy and look a lot better than what I had before. Previously, it hadn’t occurred to me that video needs “looks” (outside of client calls, of course). I think about how I show up differently now.

There’s no shortage of catalogs and Pinterest boards to scroll through, but it’s hard to know if what works on the 19 year old model will work on you. Holly sees past the fashion trends to help you accomplish the look you want as a “better version of yourself.” Without Holly I’d still be pinning looks from Pinterest without any idea of how to get a wardrobe to work together.

– Amy, Seattle

Hi, I’m Holly – virtual personal stylist, coach & consultant – let’s have fun with your style!

With a background in costume design for theater, I’ve always loved the art of character development and self expression via clothing. And that is how I approach personal style too. While some stylists start with color analysis  or body shape, I start with character – who are you? And what are you here to do?

I firmly believe that everyone has a sense of personal style because everyone has a personality. Style is just a way of embodying your self expression through clothing. What most people are missing (especially if you think you have no fashion sense or sense of style) is the tools. Which is where I come in.

When you’ve nailed your style: 

  • No dress code is confusing.
  • No social calendar is daunting.
  • No holiday party is the final straw (over what to wear at least). 

Expressing yourself becomes fun! Embracing the wisdom of aesthetics and frivolity becomes obvious. And getting dressed becomes significantly less stressful.

Perhaps most importantly – you reconnect yourself to yourself, unmistakably. You already have style. Let’s get you the tools you need to express yourself. 

How virtual style coaching works:

It’s pretty straightforward – once you purchase, you’ll get a link to an intake form asking what you want to focus on, what you hope to accomplish, and some logistical questions to make scheduling our calls a little quicker. 

Then I’ll reach out to schedule our calls together. Calls last between 45 and 60 minutes and take place about once a week. This gives you time to implement what we’re working on and for us to refine as we learn more. 

Join me and delight in the Black Friday – Cyber Monday absurdity. 

Three coaching sessions – normally $800 – now on sale for $450. Space is limited.

This discount is available until the end of Cyber Monday or until slots are filled – whichever happens first. 

Holly helped me take my style ideal and bring it into the real world with actionable steps to start achieving the look I envisioned. I am the best version of myself when I feel good, and Holly helped me start to actualize a wardrobe that makes me feel good everyday.

– Kia, San Francisco

I can’t wait to work with you. Regardless of what form our work takes, we work together closely throughout this entire process.

You’ll expand your sense of what is possible for you and your style and your life, but you will never not feel like yourself.

I don’t push my style or wardrobe or system onto you, or push you to purchase things that don’t work for you. 

My philosophy is that everyone has a sense of style, it’s my job to help you find and express yours. You know your life and your body best. I’ll give you sound guidance based on experience and intuition and hard won wisdom.

But at the end of the day, I can’t get dressed for you. And what’s the point of your personal style if it just stays in your closet?

In short: You drive, I navigate – and we’ll get you exactly where you need to be.

I’m really really happy with my “new” wardrobe and what I’ve learned through working with you. It’s made a big difference in my life.

Our work together came at a time I was walking out of a very dark time and into, I hoped, a much brighter time. That brighter time —so wonderfully— arrived, I’m in a fulfilling and happy phase in life. 

The clothing you helped me assemble from what I already had in my closet and the new pieces you helped me acquire was an important part for me of walking over the threshold into much better times. I feel confident and good in everything I have in my closet now. And none of what’s there reminds me of the past times of trauma that I came from. Thank you. 

I had no idea how much investing in myself in this way, and leaning into my own artistic and creative expression through clothing, as well as purging what no longer was “me”, would impact me positively. It was definitely a part of the energetic clearing that I went through. And your listening ear, systematic approach, creativity, and expertise made that piece of the energetic clearing and transition possible. I’ll always remember having made this investment in myself, and your guidance through the process! Thank you. 

– Jess