Upgrade Your Style (and get a peek into the process I use with style clients)

Ready to release your Past?

And move forward into your future...

We all have clothes that we've been stuck staring at for years. Those garments hold beautiful memories of who we were. But they also hold us back from evolving into who we are becoming. Moving forward while also looking back is how we end up walking into walls and breaking our glasses.

When we take a dedicated moment cleanse our closets of what is no longer serving us, we can start moving forward with grace and ease.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’re standing in front of a full closet, but  you’re running late and still trying to find something to wear… again.

You’re digging through the back of your closet trying to find that dress that you know you have… somewhere.
You’re contorting as you look in the mirror, wondering if those jeans fit yet, before hanging them back up because they will fit… one day.

We all know that deer in the headlights feeling of standing in front of our full closet and not seeing anything to wear. We all know the frustration of trying to find something and not being able to find it even when we dig all the way to the back of the wardrobe. We all know the sickening feeling of pulling on jeans that make us feel like sausages.

And we all know that SUCKS.

But we live with it anyway.

We go into our overcrowded, overwhelming, uninspired closets to get dressed everyday. We remember “we have the perfect thing” only to not find it, or find we remembered it wrong. We keep trying to fit into our skinny jeans, because they’re staring at us everyday.

What if you could...

What if you could be invigorated by your closet?
What if you could know (and love?!) exactly what you have?
What if you knew all your clothes fit without stressing?

What if your clothes could GIVE you energy instead of sucking it away?

Let’s do it! Get ready to free up space, time, energy, and willpower.


it's time for...

The Closet Cleanse

It’s one thing to spend 5 extra minutes getting dressed. It’s another thing to spend an extra 5 minutes getting dressed every. single. day.

It’s one thing to flip through 3 extra tops. It’s another to flip through 3 tops that you NEVER wear every. single. day.

It’s one thing to remember which jeans feel good. It’s another thing to remind yourself every. single. day.

And it’s one thing to buy a jacket because it’s awesome. It’s another to buy a jacket because you feel like shit in what you’re wearing. again.

With a fully cleansed closet, you never have to be in any of these situations again.

You’ll get back your extra minutes in the morning. You’ll need to find a new finger work out. You’ll go straight to the jeans you feel good in, and stop buying stuff because you feel inadequate.


Here's what you'll get

Here's How it Works

Book Your Call

The first step is to book your (no-cost) video hopes & dreams call. We'll get to know each other and see if we're a right fit. At the end of our call, if you’re ready to move forward, I’ll give you all the next-step details.

Set Your intention

We'll meet up either virtually or in-person for an intention setting chat. This will give us a chance to dig deeper into your hopes for your wardrobe, lay out some intentions for our time together, and schedule your cleanse!

Let's cleanse!

On the day, I'll come to you and we'll cleanse your closet. We'll go through every piece of clothing in your closet and make a decision on what stays and what goes - what's serving you now, and what can go.

Book your Hopes & Dreams call!

The very first step is to schedule your (no-cost) hopes & dreams call so we can see if we’re a right fit for each other.

It's time for a closet cleanse when...

"Truly a radically life changing experience."

“Clearing out my closet with Holly was truly a radically life changing experience. I’ve always known that my inability to let go of certain clothing was deeply connected to core wounds that I’ve carried for far too long. Holly is deeply intuitive and creates a safe container that allowed me to feel the full spectrum of feelings every step of our journey together. She asked questions that help me really get to the essence of why I’ve held on for so long, she gave me permission to feel all of what I felt than gave me the strength to finally release, and let go. In releasing clothing, I’ve released emotional baggage, old stories, belief systems, fears and so much pain.

“I’ve freed up so much space both literally but more importantly energetically. I see my closet now and it is a true representation of who I am TODAY, not of who I was yesterday or who want to be someday when I lose the weight, or am bold enough or wild enough. She helped me hone in on my core style statement, this WAS so big. When I’m shopping now it’s truly exciting and feels liberating and free and so uniquely me.

“This experience felt both deeply enlightening, while also feeling like you are hanging out with a close girlfriend. Our time together felt so judgement and pressure free, Holly is a beautiful guide and this experience has informed my life in ways that were obvious and in SO many ways that weren’t obvious at all. This is such important work. I’m so grateful I gifted myself this opportunity, my greatest wish is that anyone reading this gives themselves the gift of a closet clearing with Holly. You will be so happy you did.”

– Jillian Gonzalez

doorway in brooklyn

Hey, I'm Holly

I’m a stylist and wardrobe consultant who helps people like you bring more bravery and confidence to their life, through bringing style and grace to their wardrobes.

Courageous, empowered, curious, kind, mindful, with a strong foundation and lots of laughter.

Those are the qualities I bring to what I do.

You might be here because your wardrobe is overflowing and you’re overwhelmed. Or because you wake up every morning wondering what to wear. Or because a life event has tossed everything in the air and it’s landed back at your feet.

Or maybe you just feel like you could use some more confidence and want to feel a little braver each morning.

You’re in the right spot. Thank you for being here with me.

Book your Hopes & Dreams call!

The very first step is to schedule your (no-cost) hopes & dreams call so we can see if we’re a right fit for each other.

Pricing and What to Expect

Having a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant can sound daunting or completely out of reach, but it doesn’t have to be.

I’m available for sessions Tuesday through Sunday. We can find a time to tackle your wardrobe that fits with your schedule.

After we’ve had our initial hopes and dreams call (these usually run about 30 minutes or so) and we’re ready to move forward, I’ll send you an invoice for your closet cleanse. Once that’s taken care of we’ll schedule our intentions and goal setting chat (like the hopes and dreams call these usually run about 30 minutes), plus your closet cleanse, which runs around 4 hours.

A closet cleanse is $888 for a single 4 hour session, plus our intentions setting chat. Additional hours can be added on for $125/hour or a customized follow up session scheduled if you have a particularly large wardrobe, we can discuss this on our hopes & dreams call.

(Please note, there is a travel fee outside of New York City’s five boroughs, contact me for more information.)

Personal style impacts every part of your life. When you feel confident and at home in your body and your clothing, you’ll bring that confidence into all the aspects of your life.

"Feeling good is 'strong and powerful, with a feminine side.'"

“Holly helped me take my style ideal and bring it into the real world with actionable steps to start achieving the look I envisioned. I am the best version of myself when I feel good, and Holly helped me start to actualize a wardrobe that makes me feel good everyday. For me, feeling good is ‘strong and powerful, with a feminine side.’ Holly helped me bring that vision into a wardrobe reality, and she can do the same for you, whatever your ultimate style might be.”

– Kia Murdoch

This sounds great, but...

…what do I wear once we get rid of all my clothes?

Most of us have plenty of clothes in our closet to bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. However some trepidation over this is perfectly legitimate (no one wants to be stuck with nothing to wear!). We can talk about this on our call together, and it might be that starting with a small shopping trip (1-2 hours) will be the best way to start.

…do I have to clean before you get here?

Your closet, no. Your laundry, yea. I’ve probably seen messier closets than yours, so there’s no need to clean or organize your closet before I get there (we’ll do that together!). You will want to have done laundry recently though, that way we have as many of your clothes available as possible.

…I don’t have a 4 hour block of time in my schedule, can we split it up?

I know scheduling can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re juggling work plus family plus yourself. One block of time is preferable, because it allows us to maintain momentum. However, if that doesn’t work for your schedule, we can split this into two 2-hour blocks of time. Just let me know your scheduling constraints on our call.

…what if I have to reschedule?

Things come up. I get that. If you need to reschedule or cancel a scheduled in-person appointment, you can reschedule up to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Cancelling a scheduled appointment with less than 48 hours notice may incur a $125 re-booking fee.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to bring them up on our call!

Book your Hopes & Dreams call!

The very first step is to schedule your (no-cost) hopes & dreams call so we can see if we’re a right fit for each other.

Just Cleansed Your Closet?

Maybe you just did a huge purge. Maybe you KonMaried two year. Maybe you do a deep spring clean every year. Or maybe you’re a digital nomad and live out of a suitcase.

But regardless of why, if your closet has already been cleansed (or purged, or set on fire), now let’s get you styled.

Click here to set up a call. We’ll chat about how we can refine (or create) your personal style to bring more confidence and courage to your entire life.

"Working with Holly was a delight."

“Working with Holly to go through my wardrobe was a delight. She was professional, friendly, and most of all very, very helpful. She look into account what I do for a living, what pieces I already had, and what the look I was hoping to aim for and really personalized her recommendations. Her recommendations were easy to understand, comprehensive, and spot on. I would absolutely recommend her to any of my friends.”

– Corey M.

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