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Journal Prompts for
Finding Your Own Personal Style

Learning to find and embrace your personal style is a lifelong journey. Your personal style can feel elusive and fuzzy.

Style often feels like it’s just out of our sight, like if we turned around fast enough we’d catch it before it vanishes again. Or it can seem like it’s something that other people have but it’s not an option for you. Advice around style is usually too wishy-washy to be helpful – “just be yourself and embrace your style” – or too dictatorial to be personal – “on Wednesdays we wear pink.”

The truth is, you do have your very own personal style. I know it’s there (I have yet to work with someone who doesn’t have personal style). It’s just a matter of uncovering it, and embracing it.

Part of the reason it’s so tricky is, personal style is a journey with six steps, and each step calls for some self-discovery.

The steps are:

Step 1: Decide. Decide to embark on this journey of personal style.
Step 2: Clean out. Clean out every garment that needs to be cleaned out. This step, when done completely, is like a total wardrobe reset, restart, recalibration.
Step 3: Assess. Now that you’ve reset, where are you? What are you left with? Where are you starting from? This is where you get the lay of the land you’re embarking from.
Step 4: Fill in the gaps. Fill the gaps you’ve made in your closet with intent and care.
Step 5: Walk your walk & strut your strut. Embrace your new wardrobe and your new self.
Step 6: Level up. Decide to level up. Because your potential is limitless. Embrace that.

Within these steps is the process for finding, embracing, owning, living, and leveling up your very own personal style – no cookie cutter pink Wednesdays required.

To get better answers, you have to ask better questions.

To uncover your personal style, just take one step at a time. This isn’t a journey you can complete overnight, but you can get started today. This library of journal prompts will get you started. With a series of prompts for each step of the process, I won’t get you started and walk away. This series will support you though all six steps of the process.

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There’s no shortage of catalogs and Pinterest board to scroll through, but it’s hard to know if what works on the 19 year old model will work on you. Holly sees past the fashion trends to help you accomplish the look you want as a “better version of yourself.” Without Holly I’d still be pinning looks from Pinterest without any idea of how to get a wardrobe to work together.
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