It is time to reclaim your closet.

Join me on Saturday, June 1st at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific for this 90 minute virtual closet clear out workshop.

2024 June Closet Clear Out Workshop Product Graphic

When was the last time you did a closet clear out? How did it go? 

Would you like help this time around? 

A clear out lets you and your closet have space to breathe, and be at ease. At which point it becomes infinitely easier to wear the clothes you love.

In doing so you’ll make space for… 

  • the gems you already own to shine
  • the perfect additions to slot right in
  • your cohesive style to begin to gel

But it’s harder to do a closet clear out alone.

Join me for this virtual closet clear out workshop where we’ll carve out time, generate momentum, and decide what stays and what goes. 

Kickstart your closet clear out

Join me on June 1st for this 90 minute live closet clear out workshop.

I’ll guide you through a clear and repeatable process that side steps decision fatigue, while still respecting your choices. 

The process we go through is one of distilling. We make obvious decisions. Then the less obvious decisions. Then we tackle the nuanced decisions. 

Yes to respecting your maybe and your nuance. 

No to delaying decisions out of overwhelm and complexity. 

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have… 

  • kickstarted your closet clear out momentum 
  • learned a repeatable process that you can continue implementing
  • made clear and complete decisions about what clothes stay and what clothes go

Plus, I’ll check in after to make sure you have a plan for removing the items from your house. (No more garbage bags full of vampires living in the back of your closet!)

This is a hands-on virtual closet clear out workshop!

This is a hands-on workshop! Because the best way to learn this is to do it, most of our time together will be spent implementing and clearing your closet. You’ll be in your closet deciding what stays and what goes live on our call. With time and space at the end for questions and tackling those tricky pieces.

Depending on the size of your closet, we’ll give your closet clear out a kickstart, make a dent, or maybe make it all the way through! 

Hosted live on Zoom, you’ll be going through the process and cleaning out your closet on the call, so it may be easier to join the meeting from your phone or tablet. (Video on is entirely optional!) 

Join me on Saturday, June 1, 2024 at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific for this LIVE workshop and let’s clear your closet! 

Kickstart your closet clear out

Join me on June 1st for this 90 minute live closet clear out workshop.

What’s included: 

  • 90 minute live workshop over Zoom 
  • replay available after the workshop
  • step by step guidance 
  • dedicated time for you to make decisions in your closet
  • space for Q&A and tackling those nuanced and tricky pieces 
  • BONUS: Closet Clear Out Success Checklist to make sure you have everything on hand (available immediately) 
  • BONUS: Where does it go from here? Flow chart to help decide what to donate, what to recycle and what is trash (available immediately)
  • BONUS: Locations to donate, resell, consign, recycle, etc Resource List (available after the workshop)

Kickstart your closet clear out