A cozy white sweater hugging a pair of blue jeans with brown glasses on top.

“I knew I had an issue, but didn’t know where to start or what to discuss.”

Before my clients come to me they have…

  • Cried in their closet because they didn’t know what to wear to a big event
  • Said no to girls trips, vacations, client meetings, business conferences, and job opportunities because they couldn’t face figuring out what to wear
  • Were stuck in a numbed out style rut
  • Stressed over packing for business trips to the point of tears
  • Chose “safe”, “reliable”, “perfectly nice” choices
  • Panicked shopping trips and the subsequent clothing overwhelm and eventual closet purging
  • Frozen and afraid to try new cut or colors or styles or stores for fear their macgyvered solutions fall apart 
  • Last minute reluctant shopping trips and the subsequent “it’s fine” purchases 
  • Fugue state scrolling, browsing, hearting, shopping, saving for later… 

They used words like: frozen, overwhelmed, plagued, lurking, looming, vampiric, “the worst”, muddled, motley, dread, guilt, numbing, chaos, binging, purging, endless, zoned out, spiraling, and more. (These are big words for something culture tells us is frivolous.)

They’ve tried style boxes, department store personal shoppers, prebuilt capsule wardrobes, new glasses, a new haircut, new makeup, shopping with their stylish friends, endless closet purges, endless shopping attempts, (and so much more) because these offered a glimmer of hope that something would be able to help. (Because in the same breath culture tells us clothing is frivolous, it demonstrates how vitally important style is.)

Unfortunately these didn’t solve the problem.

How does this sound? 

Feeling confident in your personal style looks like:

  • Smiling, laughing and glancing in passing reflections
  • Relaxed shoulders and springy steps
  • Calm and easy clothes choosing
  • Popping into a boutique while you run errands, and picking up something new with full confidence
  • Buying clothes knowing they align with your values as best as they can in an unhealthy fashion ecosystem

What if you regularly remove things that no longer work in your life. You routinely bring high quality clothes to your local shelter or coat drive or charity shop or consignment store or pass them along to friends and family with love and non-attachment

Your mornings and evenings contain a little pocket of joy as you get dressed and undressed. You have time to focus and connect with yourself without interruption.

You wear high quality scrumptious clothes that look just right, with small personal touches that give you a clear and distinct perfect personal style.

We can get you there by developing your unstressed authentic personal style, and helping you become brave enough to wear it. 

What would you do if your whole wardrobe reminded you that you are courageous?

What would your wardrobe look like if you removed all of the guilt and all of the shame? How would you feel about yourself if your clothes stopped telling you “you’re too fat” or “too short” or “not cool enough” – too much and too little all in the same breath?

What if your whole wardrobe reminded you that you are courageous, and you are beautiful, and you are so much more capable than you think you are? When you open your closet doors to the reminder of THAT every morning, what could you accomplish?

Would you laugh more? Smile more? Hug your friends and kid more? Kiss your partner more? Love yourself more? Shine brighter in this world that needs your light?

I don’t know what you’d do differently… but I’ll bet it would be a LOT.

Your unstressed authentic style is… 

  • How you win the unwinnable fashion rat race 
  • State who you are without saying a word 
  • Claim your narrative 
  • How you find the just right for you clothes and the just right for you outfits

Hi, I’m Holly – virtual personal stylist, coach & consultant – and I can help.

With a background in costume design for theater, I’ve always loved the art of character development and self expression via clothing. And that is how I approach personal style too. While some stylists start with color analysis  or body shape, I start with character – who are you? And what are you here to do? 

I firmly believe that everyone has a sense of personal style because everyone has a personality. Style is just a way of embodying your self expression through clothing. What most people are missing (especially if you think you have no fashion sense or sense of style) is the tools. Which is where I come in.

There are 3 areas you need to have a handle on to live out your personal style in a way that is unstressed and authentic to you: 

  1. Clearing out your closet and making it a sanctuary to start and finish your day. 
  2. Cohereing your style so you have outfits you can wear and a closet structure that supports you every day of your life. 
  3. Procuring the items you’re missing in your wardrobe. 

Your style is just as unique as your dreams – so my process is too. We can mix and match to create your perfect package. 

The first step is filling out the intake form (link below) telling me what brought you here today and I’ll be in touch asap so we can get started!

You already have style. Let’s get you the tools you need to express yourself.

Let’s do this.

Click the button and fill out this intake form.

It’ll ask a few simple questions and we’ll get started.

Virtual Styling Packages and How This Works:

Discovering and developing your unstressed authentic style has three parts.

We do this by…

  • creating a container
  • reclaiming yourself with clear decision making time in your closet
  • respecting your maybe

What’s included: 

  • four hours of real-time decision making time together via zoom or a phone call
  • an easy repeatable decision making process (that you have practiced!) to take with you and keep future closet clutter at bay 
  • a clear pile of clothes that need to go to a new home and a clear plan of where they will go and when

You’ll come out with: 

  • your streamlined closet
  • a decisive selection of clothes to move on to a new home
  • delight in the selection of clothes you’ve decided to keep

We do this by…

  • determining your personal closet structure
  • create finished looks you can return to again and again
  • expressing yourself through clothing

What’s included: 

  • a 75 minute starting call to set up your goals and desires, dig into your style qualities, and determine what types of looks or which closet system will work best for you and your goals
  • collaborative iteration via email, text or voice notes while I put together your custom look book using photos and descriptions you’ve sent me, incorporating your feedback and desires every step of the way
  • a 50-60 minute wrap up call to wrap up, answer any last questions you might have, and create any next steps

You’ll come out with:

  • your personalized book of looks – a look book with tips and suggestions from me to you
  • your coherent wardrobe filled with outfits that look and feel like you
  • an intentional personalized closet structure to make living your style seamless

We do this by…

  • selecting your style qualities and successes
  • securing your new additions
  • grounding yourself in your now

What’s included: 

  • a kick-off call to set up your hopes, dreams, and specific shopping parameters plus get a sense of your style qualities, favorite stores & designers along with your dream stores & designers
  • my virtually pulling clothes for you from your favorite stores and mine – taking into account your style, sizing, fabric or fiber preferences, color palette, sustainability desires, clothing budget, shipping timeline, and other parameters, I’ll send them to you for your comments and input, with the option to hop on a 30 minute call to review things together in real time
  • your selections organized into now, soon, and later shopping lists based which pieces will have the highest impact for your wardrobe 

You’ll come out with:

  • your curated now, soon, and later shopping lists so we can prioritize your purchases for maximum effect
  • reclaiming your shopping power and defining your successful shopping parameters
  • care and maintenance know-how to help you keep your clothes for years to come

Bundle it all for $7500.
Or mix and match for $2500 per part.

Payment plans, project phases, custom projects, and continuing support packages available – schedule a call here.

Need help faster? Or not ready for a full commitment yet? Find one, three, and seven session coaching packages here.

Find out what clients have to say in their own words here.

Let’s do this.

Click the button and fill out this intake form.

It’ll ask a few simple questions and we’ll get started.

Common Questions:

• Will I end up with nothing to wear?
No. You already have gems in your closet, we’re just uncovering them. If you’re really worried, check out this post.

• Can you make me look like…?
Sure, I have a degree and background in Costume Design. I can make you look like a version of whoever it is you admire. But what if we turned you into a first rate version of yourself instead? (Get inspired by awesome style? Yes. Turn into a look-alike? No.)

• How much should I expect to spend on new clothes?
If you’re focusing on procuring new additions. I suggest you have a dedicated clothing budget that will cover a handful of items from your favorite store(s) across the next few months. Whether you have that all upfront or you space out your purchases will depend on which approach feels more comfortable to you.

• Should I reach my target weight first?
You deserve to feel beautiful and powerful everyday – regardless of your current weight, regardless of your target weight, and regardless of where you are on your journey. Don’t hold off on wearing clothes that make you feel amazing just to punish yourself. We can also design a plan to alter your clothes when your body changes (alterations aren’t just for wedding dresses).

Payment plans, project phases, custom projects, and continuing support packages available – schedule a call here.

Need help faster? Or not ready for a full commitment yet? Find one, three, and seven session coaching packages here.

Find out what clients have to say in their own words here.

Your very next step:

Your very next step to getting started is to fill out this intake form. It’ll ask a few simple questions about what you’d like to achieve in your style and wardrobe, and how you would like to work together. Along with some logistical questions to make scheduling our time together easier. 

Then I’ll reach out with next steps, and to schedule a quick chat if that’s appropriate.

I can’t wait to work with you. Regardless of what form our work takes, we work together closely throughout this entire process.

You’ll expand your sense of what is possible for you and your style and your life, but you will never not feel like yourself.

I don’t push my style or wardrobe or system onto you, or push you to purchase things that don’t work for you. 

My philosophy is that everyone has a sense of style, it’s my job to help you find and express yours. You know your life and your body best. I’ll give you sound guidance based on experience and intuition and hard won wisdom.

But at the end of the day, I can’t get dressed for you. And what’s the point of your personal style if it just stays in your closet?

In short: You drive, I navigate – and we’ll get you exactly where you need to be.

Payment plans, project phases, custom projects, and continuing support packages available – schedule a call here.

Need help faster? Or not ready for a full commitment yet? Find one, three, and seven session coaching packages here.

Find out what clients have to say in their own words here.

I’m really really happy with my “new” wardrobe and what I’ve learned through working with you. It’s made a big difference in my life.

Our work together came at a time I was walking out of a very dark time and into, I hoped, a much brighter time. That brighter time —so wonderfully— arrived, I’m in a fulfilling and happy phase in life. 

The clothing you helped me assemble from what I already had in my closet and the new pieces you helped me acquire was an important part for me of walking over the threshold into much better times. I feel confident and good in everything I have in my closet now. And none of what’s there reminds me of the past times of trauma that I came from. Thank you. 

I had no idea how much investing in myself in this way, and leaning into my own artistic and creative expression through clothing, as well as purging what no longer was “me”, would impact me positively. It was definitely a part of the energetic clearing that I went through. And your listening ear, systematic approach, creativity, and expertise made that piece of the energetic clearing and transition possible. I’ll always remember having made this investment in myself, and your guidance through the process! Thank you. 

– Jess

(Have questions? Schedule a call here.)