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I’m Holly Chayes, a personal style coach and consultant with a focus on your everyday genuine style, helping you build and wear the wardrobe you love. (Even when you’re running late, fighting a cold, and it’s laundry day.)

TOTALLY reach out to Holly. She will help you find an outfit that you already have and help you find an outfit without breaking the bank.This is not about investing on designer’s pieces (unless you want it), this is about finding your true style according to your personality!

–Jessie Chiang, Southern California

We spend most of our time here talking about clothes and everything in our lives that clothing involves (which turns out to be a lot of stuff!).

In fact, I host a podcast called Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes, where I talk about clothes with people who wear them. (Alternate tagline: this podcast is not about clothing…) You can find more about Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes, and listen to past podcast episodes here.

Who knew talking about clothes could be so much fun! I know I didn’t.

–Gwendolyn Jules, guest on Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes

I also write articles about claiming your authentic style, building a wardrobe you love, and navigating the logistics of needing clothes here on the blog

Some of the most popular personal style articles include: 

You’ll also find courses, products, and 1:1 coaching – but we’ll dig more into those in a little bit. 

Introducing the Personal Style Resource Library & Email List

The next thing I want to introduce you to is the Personal Style Resource Library & Email List. 

The Personal Style Resource Library & Email List contains personal style resources to help you build and keep the wardrobe you love. 

It includes: 

  • Personal Style Mad Libs – a one-page throwback to help you hone in on your personal style in mere moments.
  • Pocket Shopping List – to help you turn impulse shopping into opportunistic shopping. 
  • Journal Prompts – to help you build a wardrobe you love no matter where you are in the process. 

PLUS Personal Style Fundamentals: 27 keys to mastering the basics of personal style a 100 page ebook with 27 personal style keys (and plenty of bonuses). 

Thank you so much for sharing all your tips on clothes. In fact, after our episode, I went ahead and made conscious decisions, let go of feeling guilty for shopping, and donated clothes that I don’t wear anymore (or fit). I started to buy with intention and wear clothes that make me feel confident within myself! 

–Emily Walsh, host of In Search of Her: The Podcast

You’ll also get access to first dibs on new classes, discounts on new products, exclusive coaching offers, and periodic personal style articles. 

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Now, I feel confident that I can make decisions about what to put together and even what to buy that contributes to a consistent look. I can clearly rule things out that were previously in my “wish list”, and buy things I wouldn’t have considered before. I have outfits that are easy and look a lot better than what I had before. Previously, it hadn’t occurred to me that video needs “looks” (outside of client calls, of course). I think about how I show up differently now. There’s no shortage of catalogs and Pinterest board to scroll through, but it’s hard to know if what works on the 19 year old model will work on you. Holly sees past the fashion trends to help you accomplish the look you want as a “better version of yourself.” Without Holly I’d still be pinning looks from Pinterest without any idea of how to get a wardrobe to work together.

– Amy H., Seattle

If you’d like more immediate support discovering and claiming your authentic personal style, I have options for you! 

  1. Sign up here for 5 Days of Style – a five day long meditative mini course to help you out of a style rut.
  2. Work your way through The Wardrobe Inventory Workbook to find closet clarity. Buy your copy here. 
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