Hey! I’m Holly, and welcome to Who Wears Who a fashion and style blog of a different sort.

I’m a stylist and wardrobe consultant who helps people like you bring more bravery and confidence to their life, through bringing style and grace to their wardrobes.

Courageous, empowered, curious, kind, mindful, with a strong foundation and lots of laughter.

Those are the qualities I bring to what I do.

You might be here because your wardrobe is overflowing and you’re overwhelmed. Or because you wake up every morning wondering what to wear. Or because a life event has tossed everything in the air and it’s landed back at your feet.

Or maybe you just feel like you could use some more confidence and want to feel a little braver each morning.

Your in the right spot. Thank you for being here with me.

Ready to fix up your closet?

“The sexiest people are thinkers. Nobody’s interested in somebody who’s just vain with a hole in their head, talking about the latest thing – there is no latest thing. It’s all rubbish.”
 –Vivienne Westwood

Why do we wear what we wear?
What is fashion? What is style? What is wardrobe?
Why do we buy what we buy?
Why do we wear what we wear?
Do our clothes wear us? Or do we wear our clothes?
Who says so?

I started Who Wears Who as a place to ask questions about the clothes we wear so that we could make empowered choices.

Why questions?

Because questions are the first step towards consciousness, and consciousness is the first step towards mindfulness, and mindfulness is the first step towards empowerment. And this is how we build a wardrobe that we feel bold and confident and brave in.

When we feel brave and feel courageous, we can be brave, and make courageous choices.

And if we begin with our clothing, we can sneak around the voices in our head that say “you’re not brave” or “you’re not courageous” or “you’re not powerful.”

If we shift the way we relate to our clothing – we can shift the way we see ourselves. And therefor shift the way we meet the world, and the way the world meets us.

Change always begins with a question.

Are you in?



I’m Holly Chayes, I know the power of personal style. It’s amazing what having your perfect closet can do for your confidence, your identity and your life.

We’ll work together to clarify your style, declutter your wardrobe, and get you feeling spectacular about your look again. Your clothes can either haunt you or help you. We’ll make sure your style is always on your side.

Ready to find clarity, and ease in your wardrobe? Ready to step into who you are? Ready to spruce up your style? Schedule a (no-cost) hopes and dreams call.

photo credit: Madison Neugebauer
Wardrobe information: Black & white abstract dress (old) from H&M. Graphic tee-shirt, merchandise from Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. Beaded bracelets made-by-me. Rings from various places.