What does confidence in your personal style look like? blog graphic

We talk a lot about confidence when it comes to your personal style. But it’s one thing to talk about having confidence in your personal style and it’s another thing to recognize, identify, and cultivate.

Having confidence in your personal style looks like…

Smiling. Laughing. Glancing in passing reflections. Relaxed Shoulders. Springy steps. Calm and neutral, at ease and easy clothing choices.

Popping into boutiques while you run errands. And picking up something with full confidence that it has a high probability of working in your closet. Buying clothes knowing they align to your values as best they can in an unhealthy fashion ecosystem.

You regularly move things that no longer work in your closet out your life. You routinely bring high quality clothes to your local shelter or coat drive or charity shop or consignment store or pass them along to friends and family with love and non-attachment.

Your mornings and evenings contain a little bookends of joy as you get dressed and undressed – time to focus and connect with yourself without interruption. You wear high quality, scrumptious, clothes that look just right, with small personal touches that give you a clear and distinct, perfect for you, personal style.

That is what confidence in your personal style looks like. That is what having your unstressed authentic personal style brings you.

Because in this context unstressed and confidence are very closely linked.

I firmly believe that everyone has a sense of style.

If you are ready to discover, claim, embrace, or [your verb of choice here] your unstressed authentic personal style, I’d love to work with you.


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