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The world’s oldest tee shirt hack (no scissors needed). Part 1.

Trying new things - knotted tee look one. ||

I’ve been following Un-Fancy for years now. I love her casual style, her willingness to style/photograph/wear items multiple times, and her openness to experimenting with what constitutes a capsule wardrobe. But when I first saw her post about styling a knotted tee (which is possibly the oldest tee shirt hack in the world) in my […] Read more…

The Perfect Oversized Cocoon Cardigan


This sweater is sort of the perfect oversized cocoon cardigan. It has that oversized cocoon-like silhouette with open-work fabric, and a grey & white striped colorway. The fabric itself is a crochet mesh with stripes of a medium-grey mixed into a white main color/background color. I’ve had this sweater in my wardrobe for almost two […] Read more…