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Let’s explore the benefits of a closet clear out. Because too often clearing out our closet is one of those things we “should” do. It becomes something we keep meaning to get around to. Or a productive procrastination project. Or a task on a to-do list.

(Quick aside: personal productivity preference here, but if it takes multiple hours and/or hundreds of decisions – like clearing out your closet – it’s a project that deserves focus, not a to-do list task.)

But as with so many seemingly insignificant tasks that we push off, it can be easy to forget or ignore what getting the thing done gets you.

So, what does committing to, and completing, a closet clear out get you?

Some of mine include:

  • Peace and quiet every morning: the internal chatter of relentless questions and doubts (does this fit? is this my style? what does this go with? are these comfortable? etc. etc. etc.) are gone.
  • Creativity: when the items that were never options to begin with aren’t clogging my closet, it’s easier and almost inevitable to be creative with what I’ve chosen to keep.
  • Clarity on what’s missing: having decided what stays and what goes, I know what I need to procure to complete my closet.

Other benefits of a closet clear out include: 

  • Space: not only does a closet clear out bring you more usable space in your closet. It also gives each item you own more space to breathe and move. No more scrunching and squeezing items back into your closet.
  • Seeing is believing: it’s easy to forget what we have when we can’t see what’s in our closets. A clear out gives us the ability to always see what we have. 
  • Simplicity: so much of what most of us have in our closets is what I call “false choices” – things that take up space but were never really options. 

Now it’s your turn. Think about: what will a closet clear out get you?

Staying focused on those things will help propel you through the struggles.


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