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From building looks, to decluttering, to shopping, to working through that thing your mother always told you, there are plenty of reasons to hire a personal stylist or style coach.

In this post I’ve compiled 23 reasons people have come to work with me. Some are direct client quotes, and some are observations I’ve seen, but all of them are good reasons.

1. Because you’re tired of buying clothes you never wear. 

2. Because you’ve realized you could “…get help and not just deal with the overwhelm myself.

3. Because you’re struggling to find your own style.

4. Because “…we spend a lot of time in clothes. They should feel good to us to wear.”

5. Because when your whole wardrobe reminds you that you are fearless, and you are beautiful, and you are so much more capable than you think you are, you’re pretty unstoppable.

6. Because you want a neutral honest opinion. 

7. Because “Dressing up for out of town business events has been stressful to the point of tears. Shopping for business clothes has been haphazard at best…”

8. Because you want “clothing that describes my personality and my soul, and that I feel powerful, strong and joyful in.”

9. Because the change of season has you itching for an update. 

10. Because “I purge my closet at least twice a year, but the process often ends up emotional and I keep more than I intended ‘just in case.’” And you’re ready to cut that out.

11. Because you’re “disconnected from the idea of style or fashion.” 

12. Because you’re ready to ditch any body-insecurity or feelings of body shame.

13. Because you want to see your closet in a new light and experiment with clothes you don’t usually reach for. 

14. Because setting style intentions is setting intentions for your whole day.

15. Because you want to wear what you want to wear without second guessing.

16. Because you’re ready to “SHOW UP for myself.”

17. Because we have a TON of fun.

18. Because “the game is rigged against you feeling good about what you wear and what you can buy. And it’s worth breathing through that as much as possible and finding the right pieces for you where you are now, not necessarily where you hope to be in the future or who you wished you were.”

19. Because a big event is coming up. 

20. Because you want to improve your appearance and presentation. 

21. Because your closet isn’t exactly bad… it’s just sad and motley. 

22. Because you’re getting dressed on autopilot. 

23. Because “…often anything related to clothing is dismissed as shallow and people don’t much care if you buy something new or toss something.” And you know that’s not true. 

Everyone’s individual situation is unique. So YOUR reasons to hire a personal stylist or style coach will be unique to YOU. But there’s a common theme. People hire a personal stylist or style coach when it’s time for something different. It’s time to level up, or time to let go, or time to figure it out.

If that sounds like you, click here to find out if it’s the right time to work together.


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