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It’s time to solve your closet clear out struggles! Let’s figure out why you’re struggling to clear out your closet and solve it.

I love the space and potential of a cleared out closet. There’s so much grace and space created in making decisions you’ve been putting off – it’s a beautiful way to reinvigorate your style

If you’ve been thinking about tackling a closet clear out, or struggling with your closet clear out, here are some suggestions for making the process better.

Closet clear out struggles with their solution!

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Is it about lack of options?

If you’re worried about having enough options by the end… remember the clothes you clear out are often false options. When it’s a question of “but what if I need it?” work through the question – what would you do if you did need it, but this was an alternate universe where this item didn’t exist?

Also read this post. In it we tackle getting rid of false options in more depth.

Is it daunt?

If you’re daunted by the messy middle… keep going, you can do it. When the daunt comes before we’ve started the project, it’s often because we know we’ve had some failed closet clear outs in the past – give yourself what you need to make this round a success. When the daunt comes in the middle of clearing out our closet, we’re usually fatigued. Get a snack, hydrate, take a few moments to re-group and make a plan to finish.

Don’t overexert yourself. Do finish.

Sometimes the daunt is a really important clue that we need to make some physical adjustments to the closet clear out process. For example, while my standard done with you closet clear out is a 4 hour single session because we can generate a magical and decisive flow – sometimes schedules or energy or executive function or decision fatigue mean that an hour a day for four days or two sessions of two hours works better.

Is it indecision?

If you’re stuck on a decision… use a decision filter (like sparks joy, or haven’t worn it in…). If you have a filter but are still stuck, revisit your filter, or give yourself a little time to mull.

One of my rules for a successful closet clear out is “respect your maybe.” Too often we get stuck in feeling like we have to make a decision right now, when acknowledging you’re unsure right now but will come to a decision soon, unlocks your answer.

Is it hope?

If you’re hoping to fit into it again… consider: it’s ok to move forward instead of reminiscing for another year. Clothes hold meaning, of course they do. And I would never tell you to get rid of something because it isn’t practical, it only holds sentimental meaning.

I will ask you about the feeling of the sentiment. Is it happy? Sweet? Is it sticky? Wistful? Longing? Fear? What’s the feeling it generates? And is that how you want to feel?

Is it freeze?

If you’re frozen… maybe it’s time to bring in a ringer. Just because clearing out your closet is very personal and “should” be doable on your own, doesn’t mean you have to. And it doesn’t mean everyone else does it on their own either.

I hope this helps tackle some of the struggles that come with a thorough closet clear out. If you’re still struggling, I’m happy to help.


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