Nothing wrong with saving special clothes for a special day Blog Graphic

There’s nothing wrong with saving special clothes for a special occasion. But there is something very wrong with only saving special clothing for a special day. 

All the things in our lives are designed with an intent – books are intended to be read; cars are intended to be driven; doors are intended to be opened and closed and left ajar. 

High quality clothes are intended to be worn. (Fast fashion clothes are intended to be sold, but that’s a whole different discussion.) 

Most people in my industry focus on big occasions and special moments. They focus on looks that capture a moment and are remembered in photos and memories. And I love a big moment. I love a flawless entrance, a sweeping gown. There’s nothing wrong with designing for them (or saving special clothes for them).

Again, there’s nothing wrong with saving special clothes for a special occasion

But I also think that every day is special. And you deserve to look and feel your best everyday. In addition to the big moments, I love the tiny moments too. I love lounging in pjs and putting on a favorite flannel. I love the reliable twill workhorse of a skirt just as much as the ethereal gauze of a chiffon dress. 

Life happens between the big moments too. Your style isn’t complete if you only focus on the big moments. 

You are a special occasion

Besides, you are enough of a special occasion. 

Lolita and I talked about this in this episode of Talking About Clothes. You don’t have to fry eggs in a ballgown (though it is very fun) (and if you do, have a stain remover on hand for peace of mind). 

But elevating your everyday style elevates your every day. 

Elevating your every day makes showing up for yourself, your loved ones, your work, your community, your life, easier. It chips away at feelings of imposter syndrome and feeling self-conscious, until they dissolve and the very best version of you is all that remains. 

So… how will you elevate today? What will you wear on your way to your big moments?