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What do you do when you’re bored with your capsule wardrobe? Capsule wardrobes have some amazing benefits, including saving time, energy and mental “what do I wear” anguish. But even the best capsule wardrobe can eventually feel stale and in need of a refresh.

With a well designed capsule wardrobe you usually get tired of your capsule wardrobe not because you ran out of outfits, but because you’ve fallen into a pattern and you’re ready for something new.

In this post we’ll cover 5 things to try when you’re bored with your capsule wardrobe. All of these edits and adjustments might not work for you, but one of them probably will. (And if none of them do, check out these 7 quick tips to help you build a capsule wardrobe you love for more inspiration.)

1. Make a new capsule

There’s no rule about how long you have to keep your capsule wardrobe for. So the fastest way to get out of a capsule wardrobe rut is to make a new capsule wardrobe. 

But remember one of the benefits of a capsule wardrobe is saving time and energy. If you find yourself frequently rebuilding your capsule wardrobe because you’re bored or tired of it, consider if a capsule wardrobe is really right for you.  

2. Swap out 3-5 pieces

If you don’t want to rebuild completely, swap out 3-5 pieces of clothing. 

You can either do a direct swap (a blouse for blouse) or an indirect swap (a blouse for a sweater, for example). 

A direct swap is best when your capsule wardrobe is well balanced but specific items aren’t working. For example, you have enough shirts, pants, etc, but you find yourself using certain clothes in one or two outfits exclusively. If you only wear a certain shirt a certain way, it might be worth swapping that shirt out for a shirt you wear in more outfits. Remember, the power of a capsule wardrobe is in it’s plug and play outfit potential. 

An indirect swap is perfect when you find the balance of your capsule wardrobe is a little off. For example, you find yourself with too many blouses, but not enough sweaters. In that scenario, try swapping a blouse for a sweater.

3. Add 1-2 pieces

If you’re finding your capsule wardrobe is too small, you can refresh your capsule by adding items. 

This works best if your wardrobe is on the smaller side to begin with. If you start with a capsule over 20 pieces, try swapping clothes instead. 

Either way keep the number of items you add small. Remember the beauty of a capsule wardrobe is maximizing the number of items that work together in an outfit. So each new addition should be able to add multiple new outfit options to your capsule wardrobe.

4. Swap out a color

Whether you’ve built your capsule wardrobe intentionally or have fallen into one, you probably have one or two main colors and a couple secondary colors. (If this isn’t the case and you’re struggling with your capsule wardrobe, try making your color choices more intentional. This is probably what’s throwing you off.) 

When you get bored of your capsule try swapping out one of the colors you’re using.

You could keep your main colors and swap out a secondary color. Or keep your secondary colors and swap out one of your main colors. 

Either is bound to make your capsule wardrobe feel fresh again.

5. Add another secondary color

Finally, if you’ve kept your color pallet VERY tight you could consider throwing in another color. 

Be wary of this though – remember that the capsule wardrobe’s power is in it’s plug and play outfit potential. 

If you add a new color make sure it works with at least half the pieces already in your capsule (preferably more). That way you won’t muddy the waters. 

Bonus tip: If you’re worried about muddying the colors of your capsule wardrobe – consider adding another color but constraining it to accessories only.

Try one of those 5 things when you’re bored with your capsule wardrobe

There you have 5 things to try when you’re bored with your capsule wardrobe. 

And if you’re considering building a capsule wardrobe from scratch but are worried it won’t be worth the time you spend building it, read Stop wasting energy: Is a capsule wardrobe worth the effort?

And read Is a colorful, high-vibe capsule wardrobe possible? to stop worrying that your capsule wardrobe must be shades of gray and neutral. 

Looking for other ways to refresh your wardrobe (capsule or not)?

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