I don’t know about you, but I love going to my closet and seeing an organized, efficient wardrobe. I like knowing everything that I have. I like being able to see it all and I like it being beautiful to look at. If I have to look at something first thing in the morning when I don’t really want to be awake yet, it might as well be pretty.

One of the easiest ways to make something aesthetically pleasing is to organize by color. This is a very common organizational tip, but one thing that these tips don’t talk about is that color coding your wardrobe doesn’t necessitate a strict color scheme. So often, the photographs accompanying these tips and tricks articles are vibrant colors in a rainbow of hues. Or the entirely opposite direction of no color – everything is black, grays, whites, creams, beiges.

Now I know I’m not the only one with a highly monochromatic wardrobe that still has a fair amount of color in it.

So how do you color code a wardrobe when you can’t do Roy G. Biv and you also can’t do 50 shades of taupe?

Well, you ditch color theory entirely and go with what looks good. What color combinations please your eye. My hanging shirts go from deep reds to bright reds to an orange, then jump to black and gray and light gray, then into chambrays and greens, and then finally into blues. And it works. It looks good to me. I know exactly what pieces of clothing are which and where they are, and I can pick them out in a moment.

Have as many or as few colors in your wardrobe as you want. It’s not about creating a Pinterest perfect wardrobe, it’s about creating the wardrobe that works for you.

So what’s your closet’s color story? And what’s the best way to lay that color story out to you?