Ready to hear about Talking About Clothes? A couple weeks ago, I was talking with a friend about something or other, I don’t remember where we started, but we ended with her saying “you should do a podcast.” And so the idea began simmering.

As a lover of podcasts I had thought about it before but the idea of doing a weekly monologue was never very appealing. But a co-host situation seemed like a lot of scheduling headaches, and a traditional interview show never felt quite right.

And then…

I was talking with someone else who is not in the fashion industry. Who does not care about style. And who has opinions about their clothes which were some of the strongest opinions that I’ve ever heard (about anything).

Which got me thinking that regardless of how intentionally clothing aware we are (or not), we ALL have strong opinions about what we put on our bodies. Even if we don’t care about color/cut/style/designer/etc, we care about pockets/tags/materials/price/longevity/etc.

So the concept for this podcast project was born: talking about clothes with the people who wear them. (Because we all have opinions about what we wear).

Each conversation is centered around a broad topic such as: comfort, shopping, personal style basics/fundamentals, handmade, favorites and more. The plan is to organize these conversations into collections based on the topic. Then release the collection of episodes as a podcast season.

I’ve started having conversations, which have all been incredibly interesting and a TON of fun, both to do and listen to.

And this is where you come in! I would LOVE to have a conversation with you about your clothing!

Can we chat? We’ll talk for about 20 minutes covering one podcast topic. Topics and scheduling are flexible.

If this sounds of interest to you, just fill out this Google Form: and I’ll send you the rest of the information and we’ll get a time on the calendar!