Life is too short for pants that don't fit! Stop keeping clothes that suck.

Earlier this year I brought a pair of pants home I was on the fence about. These pants sort of fit, but kind of didn’t. I was trying them on deciding whether or not to return them to the store, and I heard come out of my mouth: “I like the idea of them, but not the execution.” At that instant, they went back to the store.

There is no garment worth putting on your body if the only thing you like about them is the idea. The execution is what you’re going to have to live with in reality. 

These pants in particular felt tight in some places and baggy in others. The pockets were a nod towards useful but wouldn’t even fit a pinky ring – let alone a phone or a wallet. I loved the pattern and I loved the style, but the waistband kept riding down and the ankles flared unflatteringly. The knees bunched and, after a wear or two, the butt was going to sag, ruining the entire effect. In all, these pants don’t fit.

I liked the idea, but not the execution, so I will not submit my body to a poorly executed garment. Better wait for the right one to come to me. Or go out and find it.

The next time your waffling over clothes that don’t fit (pants or otherwise)…

Ask yourself: is the idea a yes or a no? 
Then ask: is the execution a yes or a no? 

If either answer is a no, it’s all a no.

Life is too short for baggy knees, and there are too many items of clothing out there to settle for the terrible ones.