Style Portals Halloween finding your authentic day to day style

Covering Halloween costumes mixed among finding your authentic day to day style content might seem odd. But I have a very good reason. 

Halloween costumes on personal style blogs remind me a little bit of Halloween costumes among costume designers – you either do it or you don’t. There’s not really a middle ground. So while it might not be the most intuitive topic, it has become something of a tradition. 

But I mostly do something here because Halloween gives us a moment of time out of time to look at style from a different angle. It gives us a chance to explore and play with our personal style without the pressure of day to day life. You can try new silhouettes, new color combinations, new anything and people won’t really think twice. 

Halloween costumes can act as a little bit of a design challenge, or a journal prompt, or a thought exercise: without any of the standard lifestyle pressures, what would you be or wear? And what version of that would you be? What qualities would you embody? 

Halloween can act like a little bit of a personal style portal. (Other personal style portals include: travel, grad school, sabbaticals, new ventures, or relocations.) It’s an opportunity to try something new without the internal or external judgements or expectations. 

It’s perfectly acceptable to dress differently on vacation or even a business trip. If some of those changes stick after the trip is over, so be it. Similarly, for Halloween it’s perfectly acceptable to wear something you normally wouldn’t. And if some of those elements or qualities meander their way into your day-to-day life, so be it. 

So if you’d like a style prompt to try, this Halloween consider playing around with the idea of costumes being a place to experiment with your style without the pressure of day to day life. 

  • If you don’t have your costume yet: what do you want to experiment with? What silhouettes or colors of qualities or vibes? 
  • If you already have your costume: what motivated your choice? What qualities do you want to embody? Is there anything you want to carry forward after Halloween? 

So there you have it. Why I cover Halloween costumes mixed among my finding your authentic day to day style content.

And if you don’t want to try something new this Halloween, that’s cool too. I generally do not go all out for Halloween costumes myself. In theory? Sure! In reality, I like my known-quantity, very comfortable costumes.

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