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Lisa Glanz / Using her Personalised Portrait Creator (which is brilliant).


I work primarily from home (yay!), and so spend a lot of my work day dressed in glorified PJ’s. However, I’ve noticed on days I have a meeting or a video call and put a little more effort into my look, I get so much more done and I feel really good about it too. I love the freedom of getting to stay in my yoga pants all day, but I also really like the feeling of productivity and being at the top of my game. How can I balance the two when I’m working from home?

Sincerely yours,
A lazy workaholic.

Your pants say:

Give me a break! You wear me all the time and it’s boring! I’m tired of sitting on your couch under your laptop! I want to go outside and do something!

Wear me when you’re going to move, otherwise, leave me alone. And if you keep insisting on wearing me and my fellow yoga-pants to do boring, sitting around all day stuff, at least give us someone interesting to talk to. We go way back with the sports bra collective and we’re gossiped out.

Overworked and bored,
Your yoga pants drawer.

Stylist’s tip when you work from home:

I also spend a lot of time working from home and understand the lure of glorified PJ’s as your new work look. However, we get dressed just as much for ourselves as for anybody else. When we spend just a little bit of time putting an outfit together in the morning, we feel more put together and on top of our day, all day (even when no one else is around who appreciates it).

Your new work look doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable to feel put together. Go for pieces with minimal structure, maximum movement, and that everyone would look at you like a unicorn if you wore to the gym.

If you don’t have anything like this in your wardrobe already, then dress up your yoga pants as a stop gap. Use them as the base layer under relaxed skirts or dresses. If you’re not into skirts and dresses, go for a more pulled together top. And add a non-sneaker shoe (boots are an amazing alternative, as are ballet flats) when you run errands.

Don’t pair items from your workout drawer together, unless you’re actually working out.

Lots of love,