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Question: why is the kid’s clothing so cute?

We started growing our family a couple of years ago and I feel like I’ve fallen into bland mama clothing. My kid’s clothing is just so dang cute. As they get cuter, my clothes get more and more blah. I used to love style and clothing and don’t like feeling boring. But how do you compete with a dinosaur rain jacket that changes colors to show dino skeletons in the rain?!?!? Can you help point me in the right direction?

Sincerely yours,
Blah mama.

Eeyore thinks:

Why bother. There’s no chance of playing on the level of cute children’s clothing, so we might as well not try. Oh well, I’ll be over here waiting for something to happen.

Oh well,
The Eeyore in your closet.

Style advice:

I agree with both of you that there is no competing with the color changing dinosaur rain jacket, but I’m pretty sure competing with a two year old is always a loosing battle. However, that doesn’t mean we sink to Eeyore levels of style. Let’s keep our tails where they are, and add a pep to your step.

The key is to build a closet where, no matter what you throw on in the 30 seconds you have to get dressed in the morning, you feel put together and like you made a bit of an effort.

Do a thorough closet cleanse and for this young kids phase of your life, put away anything fussy and bring your simple and effective pieces to the front. When you’re shopping, look for high quality well-fitted pieces so that even when you just throw on a tee shirt and jeans, both of them fit well and feel good.

Just because you’ve had kids doesn’t mean your stylish self is over. It just needs to come out in a different way now. Since you can’t spend the time to put together an outfit every day, build a wardrobe that has ready made outfits at your fingertips.

Also check out 5 Days of Style to see if the time is right for a new perspective on your style.

Lots of love,