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There are six steps to getting from where you are now with your clothing to building your dream wardrobe. You could even use these six steps as a how to guild for building your dream anything – but we’re going to focus on how to build your dream wardrobe here.

The 6 Steps to Building Your Dream Wardrobe are:

  1. Decide. 
  2. Clean out.
  3. Assess. 
  4. Fill the gaps. 
  5. Live your style. 
  6. Dive deeper to level up.

Let’s break these steps down.

Step 1: Decide to build your dream wardrobe. 

Decide to build the wardrobe of your dreams and embark on this journey of personal style. In fantasy novels, this is where the hero sets off, walking out their front door and into adventure. 

In your story, this is where you decide to finally tackle your closet, or figure out how to dress better. This is the point where you declare that enough is enough, and you really would like to know how to buy clothes worth taking care of, and learning how to take care of them.

This is when you call on your fairy godmother and we get you ready for the ball – or the promotion review, the launch, the book tour, the big date, or the first day of the rest of your life, etc. 

2: Clean out. 

Clean out every garment that needs to be cleaned out of your current wardrobe. You uncover the gems you already have and make space for what you need to obtain. 

This is like hitting the reset button without torching everything you own – because you already have gems hanging in your closet. 

3: Assess. 

Before diving straight into filling every nook and cranny of your newly cleaned out wardrobe, first assess where you now are.

What are you left with? Where are you starting from? What gaping holes do you have? And what gems have you rediscovered? Is there anything you’re still uncertain about? 

Without the assessment step, you’re likely to repeat your previous mistakes all over again. 

4: Fill in the gaps. 

Now that you know what gaps you have, it’s time to fill them!

This is where you fill your wardrobe intentionally with new gems and items that will carry you through your life with delight. It’s time to find the pieces you’ll love for years to come. 

Fill the gaps in your closet with intent and care. Avoid defaulting to the first thing that will do. And you’ll be well on your way. (I would suggest utilizing a Pocket Shopping List to help you stay focused, learn how here.)

5: Live your style to see how your dream wardrobe is working. 

Walk your walk and strut your strut, live in your new wardrobe and love your new self. 

This is where you solidify your look, survey how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished. You’ll have small adjustments to make here and there, but this is “wardrobe maintenance mode.” This is where you could maintain this look for the rest of your life and be perfectly fine. 

But when you’re ready… 

6: Dive deeper to level up. 

Because your potential is limitless. Embrace that living your style is a journey and at some point, it’ll be time for a tune up

That’s how you build your dream wardrobe! Does one step stand out to you immediately? 

Building the wardrobe of your dreams is a process.

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