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With the turn towards colder weather New Yorkers are pulling out their winter coats, and with that comes the reemergence of a personal pet peeve of mine – coats and jackets that still have their vent threads on. So here, in no particular order, are 18 personal style secrets that stylists assume you know. 

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18 personal style secrets stylists assume you know

1. Those little “X”s made of threads on jacket flaps and cuffs are meant to be removed before wearing. 

2. Hang tags get tucked or tacked inside your clothes, don’t leave them sticking out of your neckline (or armholes). 

3. Clothing sizes vary between brands (an 8 is not an 8 is not an 8). 

4. If it closes with buttons it should come with extras. If it doesn’t, that is a sign of a low quality garment.

5. Washing guidelines on garment tags are not washing requirements. They are the maximum the garment can stand without falling apart on the first wash. (Find the answers to more clothing care questions in the Personal Style Resource Library.) 

6. You don’t HAVE to buy outfits all together.

7. But you also don’t HAVE to mix and match. 

8. Capsule wardrobes don’t have to be neutral.

9. What you wear under your clothes has just as much impact on how you look as the clothes people can see. 

10. Personal style isn’t based on trends.

11. Style uniforms don’t have to be boring. 

12. There’s a distinction between classic and boring.

13. You’ll never please everyone so you might as well please yourself.

14. Buying multiples is not a sin. 

15. If you wouldn’t buy it at full price check in with yourself before buying it on sale, you may not actually want it.

16. Some brands change the fabric or construction of a garment but not the “design” and sell it as the same item. 

17. Clothing tags contain very useful info – they aren’t just there to be itchy. (Also itchy tags can also be a sign of low quality clothes). 

18. Moving buttons on a shirt or jacket is 90% of the time a VERY easy alteration.

One more secret for good measure

So remember to remove those vent threads because as GQ put it: “Leaving the threads attached isn’t just a telltale sign that you don’t know why they’re there, it also prevents the coat from fitting and falling on your body the way it’s supposed to.”

Remember the other 17 things on this list too. They’ll help you elevate your style without too much effort. 

Here’s one more thing for good measure – personal style really comes down to a question of confidence.

And ask away if you have any other personal style questions. 


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