An illustration of a woman wearing a chic beige trench coat blog graphic.
Illustration credit:
Lisa Glanz / Using her Personalised Portrait Creator (which is brilliant).


I have a new Burberry beige trench coat that I’m not sure I can wear. Every time I put it on, I feel like I’m on the West Wing and not in a cute way. I’ve always wanted this piece, but now I’m worried that it looks too boring to wear. How do I make a beige trench not boring and bland?

Maybe I’m not cool enough for this.

Your coat says:

Well, thank you for finally taking me out of your closet! I’ve been hanging there forever, but how dare you call me bland! I may be beige and I may be classic, but I’m only as boring as you make me.

Pair me with a smoking dress, killer shoes and accessories that no one can ignore. You could take me modern-classic with a little black dress, some cute sneakers and minimalist accessories. Just wear me over a hoodie and jeans.

Or go really wild and change me! Give me new buttons, a new belt, add patches or swatches, or get me embroidered or emblazoned or bedazzled. Go really wild and find an artist to paint me. How boring could I be if you cover me in graffiti? About as boring as toast and jam.

Your sassy trench coat.

Stylist’s note on styling this classic beige trench coat:

There’s a crucial distinction between classic and boring. When you’re wearing a classic piece, try pairing it with something that you’d never think to reach for.

If you like them together, yay! You found a new non-traditional combination that works for you.
If you don’t like those pieces together, that’s okay too. You tried something new and never have to wear that combination again. Find an unexpected pairing that you feel comfortable in and go forth with confidence.

If you’ve tried a classic garment with everything you can think of and it’s still not working for you, consider changing the garment. Tiny tweaks, that a local tailor or dry cleaner who does alterations can do for you, like changing the buttons on a coat can make a huge difference.

Lots of love,