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Question: Dressing for the (highly changeable) weather?

Dressing for the weather here is really hard!

I’m a yoga teacher and teach at a number of different studios. On weekends I can teach at as many as 4 classes at 3 different studios in a day depending on if I’m asked to substitute. It may sound hectic but I love what I do and getting to teach in multiple environments is really fun.

My problem is during the beginning of spring I never know what to wear for these days. Dressing for the weather can feel almost impossible. In March and April in New York the forecast and temperature can be really misleading. It could be in the 50s but it’s impossible to tell if it’ll be a warm 50s or a cool 50s and if there’s wind it can easily feel even colder. And I HATE being cold, especially if I have to be outside.

But, if I bring my winter coat and it turns out to not be cold, then I’m stuck carrying my coat around all day which is really annoying when your first class of the day is at 7 and your last class of the day is at the other 7. What can I wear that won’t be too hot and won’t be too cold?


From your uber excited scarf collection:

Pick me! Pick me! I can help! 

I’m big and fluffy and warm for days when it’s cold. But not TOO big or TOO fluffy that you couldn’t put me in your backpack if it’s warm. 

I can keep your neck and face warm without being too overwhelming. Pair me with a wind proof spring jacket and we’ll be perfect together! 

Plus I want to see all the spring flowers! 

Hoping to be picked soon, 
Your big fluffy scarf. 

Stylist’s tip:

A big fluffy scarf may seem like the first thing you want to ditch when spring comes around. But if you have to be out of the apartment all day and the temperature could either feel warm or cold and you can’t quite figure out which way it’ll go, then a scarf is a fantastic option. It’ll make you feel significantly warmer wearing it, but it’s small enough to stick in a bag or carry around if it’s warm. I like mine to be squares or rectangles so that I can scrunch it up or spread it out.

To balance the winters vibes of a fluffy scarf choose one in a light or bright spring time color. 

Pair it with a spring jacket and you’ll be good to go. 

Lots of love,


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