When it comes to clothing and style questions, instead of asking a stranger on the internet, why not just ask your clothes? It seems they’re very opinionated.

For each question, I’ll channel advice from your clothes themselves, and then give you some style tips to help you implement said advice.

A little silly? Probably. A ton of fun? Yep. A lot of useful? You tell me!

If you want your own question answered, just drop me a note with your question and a little bit about your circumstances!

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My closet had too many unworn items that were either old or didn’t fit well (too small, too big, or just never gonna get altered). Because I share my closet with my partner, it’s crowded and so I always felt guilty having unworn stuff. But I also love my more unique and vintage pieces. I purge my closet at least twice a year, but the process often ends up emotional and I keep more than I intended “just in case.”

Since going through this process, I feel less guilt about the number of pieces and more freedom to get rid of things that just aren’t me – I’m slowly releasing the idea of “this may be useful for an audition/certain event” and starting to focus on adding staple pieces that work with my funkier items. This way, I can have my basics and layer on the fun stuff.

– Liz Fisher, NYC

Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes is a seasonal podcast where I talk about clothes with people who wear them. My guests and I explore the complex relationship we have with our clothing, and the role they play in our lives.

Your clothes can either haunt you or help you. We’ll make sure your style is always on your side.

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